Holly Hester Pictures: Revealed!

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Photos of Holly Hester - the second woman who acknowledged she had a sexual relationship with David Letterman in the 1990s - have been obtained.

The photos were obtained when she was an intern for Letterman.

Here's Holly Hester with segment producer Frank Gannon (top) and writer Joe Furey (bottom) at Dave's offices back when he was still at NBC ...

Holly Hester with former Late Night co-workers. [Photos: TMZ]

Prior to the Late Show with David Letterman's CBS debut in August 1993, the host starred on Late Night on NBC (he was replaced by Conan O'Brien).

His relationship with Hester took place prior to his move to CBS and lasted a year. Holly said she was "madly in love with him" but he broke it off.

He had a relationship with Stephanie Birkitt later in the '90s.

Letterman confessed that his affairs with staff members (how many, he did not elaborate) recently made him the target of a $2 million extortion plot.

Were they the only two? Or were these affairs just the beginning?


Well push come to shove he's still my favortie late night talk show host. Keep up tha good work Dave


OMG These women are soooo ugly! Why didn't Dave look for HOT women?


I have been a Late Show fan for a long time. I often wondered when I saw Stephanie and Dave together if something wasn't going on. When I look at Stephanie and Holly I wonder what young women found so attractive. I am just sure it was the $$$ in his wallet. Plus they aren't the most attractive to choose from either, easy targets.


Letterman should fuck every woman on his staff so long as the women CONSENT WILLINGLY and there are no promises nor threats (real or implied). What possible reason would there be for why a single man and a single woman should not have sex if they both are want to. Letterman not these women did not seek this attention. The relationships did not interfere with the work of the workplace. Anyone who says Letterman should be fired or that he did something wrong is a backward uptight prude also know as a Bush republican(or maybe a catholic priest-you know those guys with the backward collars who only have relations with young boys).
Letterman was preyed upon by a peice of shit criminal blackmailer. He did the honorable and right thing by just going public because by going public he took the power away from his blackmailer. If it had not been for this asshole halderman, we would not know of these relationships today.


In this day and age ,if not universally , women are atractted to powerful people . David got a little Nookie on the side , it was a consensual thing , big deal ... If thats not your cup of tea , then fine ,if it is , thats cool too , he was not married and an older guy loves to have attention from younger attractive ladies . Dont attempt to crucify him unless you are prepared to wage that campaign against everybody ,not just a few ....celebrities.


obviously he is a democrat or he wouldnt be getting away with this unscathed.


the girl gets around ...huh


pictures are always proof no denying after that right


Everyone protecting Letterman... TOO BAD S-U-C-K-E-R-S... Corporate America is going to destroy old Dave, and the entire media complex is going to eat it up like donuts. HA HA HA and I'm going to enjoy watching him get crushed... why? It's fun watching celebrities get crushed, gotta have some fun! HAH HA HA AH AHA HAA HA HA


LETTERMAN IS SCUM. Feel sorry for his mother and wife and son. Hope the creep's contract is NOT renewed and he is forced to retire in shame.


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