Holly Hester Alleges Relationship with David Letterman

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When David Letterman told the world about the extortion plot against him on Thursday night's Late Show, the host said he's slept with women on his staff.

In other words: it sounded very much as though Stephanie Birkitt was not the only employee to have sat atop Dave's Top 10 List... if you know what we mean!

Now, Holly Hester has told TMZ that she interned on the talk show in the early 1990s; long before Letterman was married or became a father to son Harry.

A student at NYU at the time, Hester says she and Dave went on a series of secret dates, a relationship that was unknown to anyone else on the staff.

"I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious," Hester said, adding that the courtship ended after a year.

Clinton and Letterman

We can only imagine what Bill Clinton and David Letterman are laughing about during the former President's appearance on The Late Show.

Jay Leno, meanwhile, got in a friendly, harmless jab at his fellow host. When he came out for his monologue last night, the NBC star told the studio audience:

"Settle down. If you came here tonight for sex with a talk show host, you've got the wrong studio."

As we've said before, Letterman is NOT a hypocrite for sleeping with anyone on his show. As a hired, self-deprecating, admittedly imperfect entertainer, he's the opposite of an elected, two-faced politician.

Now that the joke is on the other foot, however, it will be interesting to see how he responds to digs at his expense.


it's so funny to see to adultrest sitting together...lol


geeze did everyone sleep with letterman?


Oh, grow up. When you do it, it's dating. When Dave does it, it's an affair. Who's the hypocrite?


I guess that him and bill are going to be buddie now they both have something in common.


wooooow, ?


oh, WesternersRStillPrudes, what a pile of horse s...t..he can have as many mistresses as his money can buy (what normal human being would want to have anything to do with this hideous scumbag otherwise) - I don't give a dead rat about that...but he's mocking people for doing exactly what he does, so implicitly he puts himself on a higher (moral)ground than them and take a shot, while at the same time he sleeps with subordinates...ever occured to you that he might have used his influence and quality of a 'boss' to solicit those 'sexual favours'...why on earth would anyone want to sleep with him other than maybe to get promoted or gte a raise (and even then, man, those staffers must have drunk a whole bottle of gin and take some mood-enhancers to do the deed with Litterman)...anyways, just wait until he's gonna be slapped with a bunch of lawsuits...


Okay, let's examine your pasts. Y'all up for it? I firmly believe that those of us pointing fingers and acting the most huffy-puffy about Dave have skeletons of our own just rattlin' around, clamoring to get out and kick ya'alls asses. So, let HIM and his lovers determine how much is enough; let HIM determine if he can tolerate the imposition and mind-numbing boredom and madness of managing kids and wives. People do what Dave did because they can, they find life ordinary and disappointing, and they need some excitement (yes, even the wealthiest of us do). Jump off your high horses before it's so high the jump will break an ankle.


Letterman isn't very funny anymore. His dream of replacing Carson is dead. Paul Shaffer is just a bald headed lackey. Letterman needs to retire. Perhaps if he put as much energy into his joke writing as he did in pursuing female employees, he might have a better show. Right now, he looks and sounds like a crabby old man. Go live in Montana already. You've made enough money, slept with enough interns. Now go be a father to your kid and a husband to your wife.


So Dave's had relationships with women on his crew? Since when is this news?! His WIFE, Regina Lasko, was a member of his staff when he began dating her. His longtime companion back in the '80s, Merrill Markoe, was his head writer for years. He's always dated staffers & everybody's always known it. Where is the big scandal?????? He dated Holly in the early '90s & Stephanie in the early 2000's..... once again, SO FRICKIN' WHAT?! Rock on, Dave, you'll always be the KING OF LATE NIGHT!!!


Doesn't matter if he was married or had a kid or not- people who stab their nearest and dearest in the back suck. They certainly can't be trusted by anyone else in the world, for any reason. Holly Hester did it with Howdy Doody! Gross!! Forty year age difference? She likes to sit on grandpa's lap. Why are slutty gold-diggers always so eager to tell their nasty stories to the whole world? Next thing you know she'll bring out her old fat-lady dress and make us look at the stains. Vomit! Free Halderman- he's hilarious!

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