Heidi Montag Takes Her Three Dogs For a Walk

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Last night on The Hills, Spencer Pratt made it clear to Heidi Montag that he doesn't want children - even threatening to "get my tubes tied like tomorrow."

Well, perhaps Mrs. Pratt can negotiate some kind of 3-for-1 deal when she gets their new dogs, Dolly (white) and Ninja (black) fixed in the near future.

The gruesome twosome debuted the adorable pups on a walk in the Hollywood Hills, with Heidi naturally wearing six-inch heels for reasons unknown ...

Speidi: Doggy Style

High heels and all, Heidi Montag takes her three mangy animals for a walk.

Spencer may want to put the brakes on chopping his nuts off for now, at least, as Heidi has said that having the dogs had made her think twice about kids.

At least for now. The puppies are already quite a handful! Besides, as Spencer says, he can't even be around adults, how's he supposed to handle kids?

In any case, Spencer Pratt better make room in the doghouse be perpetually lives in. Click to enlarge more pics of Speidi and their new family members ...

Head For the Doghouse
Speidi Smiles
Speidi Style
Puppy Love
Heidi and Her Dogs

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OMG - more spedi?!?! when will they ever leave our gossip coloumns?! lol


Very cut puppies who in there right mind will let them take are of em... Poor babies.


Those dogs are so cute!!


Those dogs are about as annoying as they are.


i can't stand either of these people and how FAMOUS the think they are but i guess they are famous for being hated!!


these two get way too much attention!!


Awww....wow, the dogs are adorable, as is the LV bad. Not a fan of her shoes nor Spencer's get up!


so staged.


cant stand these 2. for once spencer is right he should have kids


dude spencer has more hair on his face than all three dogs lmao!!!

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