Heidi Montag: Octomom-in-Training!

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Forget Britney Spears. Heidi Montag has a new celebrity hero.

"She said she wanted to be the next Octomom!" her co-star Audrina Patridge said at the Surfrider's Gala on Friday in L.A. "I was like, 'Heidi, no you don't!'"

Octomom, a.k.a. Nadya Suleman, has 14 kids and no job. Or significant other. Oh yes, she was a single mother of six before giving birth to her octuplets.

Even she admits "it was a mistake" to have so many kids "without a father figure." Well, Heidi would pretty much be in the same boat with Spencer Pratt.

They've both got the plastic surgery thing down pat, too ...

Heidi's Pups

Heidi Montag and the useless baby factory who's become her new idol.

Patridge said that Montag is "ready for kids." Spencer Pratt, though?

On The View, he smarmy one said he wasn't sleeping with his baby-crazy wife wants to get pregnant and might pull the goalie on him. On last week's episode of The Hills, he joked (semi-seriously) that he wanted to get his tubes tied.

Audrina isn't concerned that the clash might cause them to split. They are "bickering back and forth, like any married couple sometimes does," she said.

She said that marriage has made Speidi an even stronger couple.

"They're really close," Patridge told Us. "They're inseparable."


just the thought of baby Speidis running around treating other little kids like their crappy dad treats people makes me wanna stick needles in my eyes. geeez.... i'm irritated now.


tabloids pay millions for this crap and people spend money reading it


wayyyyyy more than they're actually worth


wonder how much she would pimp out her baby photos


but i bet out of work nannies would love it if she had kids, they would be the ones getting paid to be the real parents to them


the only reason she wants any kids is because it would end up on the cover or a stupid tabloid making her money and getting her attention


please spare us and never reproduce


oh my gosh, lets pray to the lord that speidi does not reproduce, could you imagine a mini spencer? ugly and a little jerk!


Whether their recent clash, regarding him not wanting kids, is a publicity stunt or not, I find it odd how a girl who wants tons of kids could marry someone who doesn't want any. You would think that would be an issue people talk about before marriage. But then again, these aren't two sensible people. Why can't these two just be married without telling and showing the whole world about it? Any couple who puts their marriage out in public view has problems.

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