Heidi Klum: Nude, Chocolate-Covered

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You never know what Heidi Klum will do next. One day, she has a kid. The next, she's on Project Runway. Then, as luck would have it, she models nude, in chocolate.

Talk about scrumptious. Tasty. Yummy. Okay, this is getting uncomfortable. Anyway, this and many more Heidi Klum pictures are available in a new book about her.

It's called Rankin's Heidilicious. What? You don't care? Okay, here's a pic already. ..

Heidi Klum: Reverse Angle

Yes, that's really Heidi Klum. There are frontal shots.

Okay, so it's not as awesome as the Heidi Klum nude spread for Russell James earlier this year, but hey, are you really going to complain? We thought not.

Alright, enough talk and more photographs. Follow the jump for more delicious pictures of a chocolate-covered Heidi. Spoiler alert: She turns around!

  • Heidi Klum Cleavage Picture
  • Heidi Klum Nude Picture
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Yammyyy seem so delicious this body chocolate :) I want some


I don' believe chocolate should be poured over naked bodies. I only used chocolate tomakemydeliciousfrostingformybabiesfavoritelanecake. My hubby loved her sweet looking chocolate nipples however!


Sara, being cooked by the sun (or tanning beds) is a fairly recent trend. Pale white was all the rage throughout the victorian era, and many people in the world still prefer unblemished, cancer-free, porcelain skin. Heidi is just about the perfect specimen, in my opinion. Her German ancestry lends itself to that complexion. Why should she strive to look any way but natural? The chocolate is another story, but it'd be hard for Heidi not to look sexy.


so artistic! i like it


I hate chocolate


Great photo. Great artist great ideas.
Fantastic body, and by the way i love chokolade, meltet or not;-)
I would love to eat chokolade og make her white at the same time.


EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww! Is that supposed to be sexy?


Truly yummy nipples and I love a girl who likes to suck!!!


To me she looks gross. She is PALE WHITE. How is that attractive by any means? I understand they probably wanted contrast, but still. It looks hideous. And, I don't care how hot someone is. No one can look sexy smothered in chocolate like that. It just looks gross.


gee, thanks for the diaper imagery. way to kill the mood.