First Listen: "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert

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First, Kris Allen got his chance to premiere a few songs from his debut album.

Now, it's time to listen to the man that finished second to Allen on season eight of American Idol.

On his radio show this morning, Ryan Seacrest unveiled "For Your Entertainment," the title track off the first-ever CD from Adam Lambert.

Pray with us that YouTube doesn't remove this single and listen to it below:

What do you think? Classic, great Lambert? Or a bit of a let down?


It's a little too pop and not enough rock for my taste, but Adam's talented enough to make it work. No doubt he's a great singer. Only a tweenager should be naive enough to think that the record execs don't have a lot to do with choice of material. They'll produce what makes the most $$$, not necessarily the greatest, most innovative pieces of music.


LOVE IT! Everytime I hear Adam's voice, I get chills!!!!!
CD is already pre-ordered! Cant wait to hear all the other songs on it!


I'm suprised the song sounds 'mainstream' considering his upcoming album cover, the cover for this single and Details magazine. I like the song a lot.


Lamebert is his new name....his voice isn't for radio....needs to stick to the stage, Broadway or off-Broadway. (IT will be coming out that he ripped this tune's beat off, too) DRamatic screecher stumbles....(news headline)


Sounds like a britney song, i was expecting a little more rock from him...bleh =/


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