First Listen: "For Your Entertainment" by Adam Lambert

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First, Kris Allen got his chance to premiere a few songs from his debut album.

Now, it's time to listen to the man that finished second to Allen on season eight of American Idol.

On his radio show this morning, Ryan Seacrest unveiled "For Your Entertainment," the title track off the first-ever CD from Adam Lambert.

Pray with us that YouTube doesn't remove this single and listen to it below:

What do you think? Classic, great Lambert? Or a bit of a let down?

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I don't like it. More Britney than Rock. Very repetitive and boring.


I think the single is great. The first listen I was dancing like crazy. It's really top 40, and a fun single. I love the cool. The whole album is going to be rock, pop, dance, a ballad, sexy, funny, whatever...I'll love it. I think it's going to be a great vocal pop/rock album. He has such a great voice. Also, this single was written by Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly. Dr. Luke is Britney's producer. It's the intro to an amazing ride. That's why it has elements of Britney. So, cool. !!


OH SERIOUSLY, WTF are you talking about!!! Puff! LMAO Anyway, I love Adam's song! He is really great! Not radio friendly my ass. Forget about the naysayers, let's dance!!!!




Recall, Adam said the Album will be a journey. And if this is the lead into that journey it will be a wild ride. Listen to the awesome lyrics - he is setting the stage ! The beat and electro pop style, IMO, will play to the top 40 audience and hence bring in new listeners to Adam. Further, it will translate very well to a stage performance for the AMA's. Therefore, I think this is a great first single for that purpose. The album will include songs that showcase different genres and his amazing vocal skills for the die hard Adam fan of his vast vocal range. But take a moment to look at the bigger picture. He has a road map and I trust the direction. Personally, I love this song and TFM. But then again I have not heard him sing anything I don't like.


I'm liking it more the more I play it, though it is not my preferred genre. Like several have commented, I prefer more of a rock edge, but I'm thrilled that he has pleased so many with this song. The feedback has been great, and I realize that there is a lot more Lambert to come. Sexy, fabulous lyrics! I'm certain other cuts off his album will hit a style that is more my taste, and meanwhile, those of you who love pop, enjoy. I think Adam has a winner here. And I'm looking forward to seeing him perform this at the AMA's. I think he will kill it! Nay sayers, just remember, there is room for a great diversity of talent in this world, and you can dislike a style or voice without disparaging the person behind it.


This song is amazing! As we were promised, it's great dance tune with a driving beat, a contemporary sound, and sexy lyrics. Should be a great radio hit. I love it and can't wait to hear the rest of the CD tracks. Bravo, Adam!


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LOVE the song!


This is just ONE of the sounds from his cd-he's going to have pop,rock,electro,ballads and a combo of all those. For those concerned with Adam's sexual orientation-you're not sleeping with him so why the f do you care??! It's 2009-get over it please. Can't wait for the album-his voice and talent is undeniable!!! Oh and these lyrics are perfect for hime-fab fab fab!!!!