Fan to Miley Cyrus: Return to Twitter... or I Murder a Kitten!

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Perhaps Miley Cyrus should return to Twitter after all.

We've lauded the singer's decision to delete her account and focus on actually enjoying her life, as opposed to keeping strangers up to date on the minutiae of it.

But is that kind of privacy worth the life of an adorable kitten?!? Allow us to explain:

An insane Miley Cyrus fan has created a website in which he threatens to kill a cat unless the star re-opens her Twitter account. We're not kidding.

Excerpts from the site - - include:

The other day I asked myself: 'What can I do to bring Miley back to Twitter?' Fan video? Petitions? Letters? That never works...

I looked at my cat, Fuzzy and I realized... I could always get another cat, but nothing can replace Miley's tweets for me...

I've set a deadline of November 16, 2009, when Fuzzy will part with his life and become a meal!

The attention-starved, mentally unstable individual behind the site says every time Miley Tweets, Fuzzy's life will be extended by one week.

Is this a bluff? Quite possibly. But is it wort taking that risk? We don't think so.

Your lame, pointless Tweets are no longer about your ego, Miles. It's time to pull out that keyboard, alert fans to your favorite ice cream and help poor, defenseless Fuzzy.

She'd do the same for you.


The person who threatened to kill a cat because Miley doesn't get back onto Twitter is really cuckoo. Everybody knows Miley loves animals. I haven't really liked Miley, actually. But I still have a quarter of me who likes Miley. And she loves animals. But then she cant let people know that threatening will control her. Its not Miley who needs to change. Its the sicko person who wanted to kill a poor kitten. I personally prefer puppies and dogs, but I still love animals and I like kittens too. Don't be stupid. Your kitten is innocent. It didn't tell Miley to stop twitter. Get a life!


Miley, pls get back to your computer and start tweeting pls, if not Fuzzy is going to die.


wtheck?? btw THG fuzzy's death will be on your hands. cuz ur the cause she realised she didnt need all the idsses on her quotes, and she quit. Miley wont come back for a freakin cat. she loves animals yes. but thats just stupid, she cant let people think that threatening works so she has to let it go, and she cant do anything about it.


Even saying something like that as a joke is seriously sick. It is fact, not opinion.


This guy doesn't need a life, he needs meds. And fast. If they can find who he is, arrest the useless gelatinous cretin. And for good measure, do the good ol' bamboo treatment on his fingers. Oh, & for those of you who don't know what that is, look it up or ask your parents if they're old enough. Believe me, it's unpleasant


Wow, some people are deranged.


if miley wanted 2 have a cat die she would kill it herself.
everyone knows miley loves animals. Why take it out on da poor cat. Mileys decision isnt what da cat told her 2 do. Leave fuzzy da fuckin hell alone!


Whoa, this guy is crazy! Miley deleted her account bcuz her bf wanted her 2. He shouldnt b blaming da cat on mileys choice.


Now Miley kills a cat! Call the animal rights activists!


i have always wanted a cat n that sicko gets 1 n is gonna kill 1 wot kind of sick person r u i am v upset u nasty personn u cnt rule over mileys life lky this just leave her alone

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