Fan to Miley Cyrus: Return to Twitter... or I Murder a Kitten!

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Perhaps Miley Cyrus should return to Twitter after all.

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    Miley canyou please come back.


    dont kill me


    shes 16. shes a young girl, any other 16 year old makes mistakes and takes revealing photos sometimes! leave the girl alone. and dont kill fuzzy because she doesnt have time for twitter anymore. the guys a nutcase.


    Miley Cyrus is a decent entertainer, but sometimes people and parents need to ask themselves; "Is this the kind of role model we want for our kids?" Look at the kind of negativity she brings with a simple decision she makes. Not to mention the incident of her pole dancing on NATIONAL TV. As a future parent I know for a fact I would not like my kids to watch, listen, so much as even know who she is. This is probably just the beginning of more crazed fans to come.


    And why have they not caught this psychotic and disturbed man?


    you should not kill fuzzy if miley dosn't return to twitter that is so cruel to cats.


    this is so ridiculous, who cares that much about miley cyrus?


    thats funy asif he would do it


    whoa! this person needs help! thats soooo stupid their going to kill a kat cas miley deleted her twitter they must be a like totally obsessed fan and totally whacko! but i definetly kno miley wont come bac for somones kat


    I'm not a fan of Mileys music, but I certainly do NOT hate her. Crazy fans can't rule her life, they shouldn't! It's sick and wrong. Also, shouldn't someone do something to protect the cat? Like say the persons MOTHER? Or how old is this creep anyway? I don't mean to be rude (even though I KNOW this is mean) but someone should lock that guy up and throw away the key, people like him make me sick.

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