Erin Andrews Peeping Tom Under House Arrest

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Michael David Barrett, the perv arrested for videotaping Erin Andrews nude in several hotels earlier this year, is now out on bail - but on a very tight leash.

He forked over $4,500 in bail money, but don't expect him to skip down. A federal judge in Chicago granted his release with the following list of stipulations:

  • Barrett have to wear an electronic monitoring device.
  • He can go to work and doctor's appointments only.
  • A curfew beginning at 9 p.m. and ending at 6 a.m.
  • No Internet for two weeks (probably for the best).

Michael David Barrett was also ordered to turn in his passport by tomorrow morning, and he's not allowed to leave Northern Illinois without permission.

The judge said he was releasing Barrett because that suspect doesn't have a criminal record and because his family lives in the area. He is not a flight risk.

He faces interstate stalking charges in Los Angeles October 23 for allegedly taking clandestine videos of the ESPN reporter nude and posting them online.

Plenty of guys want to see Erin Andrews naked, which is understandable. Look at her. Taping her without her consent just makes you a perv and a criminal, though.

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i feel so bad for her, this is terrible


it should be more then house arrest


no one should have their privacy invaded


i just cant understand how he thought that was ok. what a jerk!


I am so sick and tired of hearing about this it happen its over get over it you have a great body you shouldn't be ashame. He will get what is coming to him. Go one with you life.


He shouldn't be out on bail!


good...he needs to be in jail


Very sick


Eww creeper!


i can't believe people sink this low to take pictures form the b ush outside someone's home and then show them to tabloids and such! it is disgusting!

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