Elisabetta Canalis Pictures: MAXIM-um Hotness!

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We hate you, George Clooney!

Okay, that's not true at all. The actor actually seems extremely nice, funny and humble and is quite talented.

But recent photos of girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis just drive home one very simple point: Clooney is the luckiest man alive.

He's like John Mayer, minus all the douchebag qualities. Only Derek Jeter rivals Clooney's ability to pull tail, leave tail after a period of time and never receive a shred of criticism from the pieces of tail he's left behind.

We could all learn a lot from this man.

Click on the pics of Canalis in Maxim below. You'll be ever so glad you did...

Pic of Elisabetta Canalis
Elisabetta Canalis in Maxim
George's Gal

Derek Jeter is unclassy because... he's on the Yankees? He's likely the most respected athlete in professional sports, based on quotes from umpires, teammates and opponents, even those on the Red Sox.
As for his personal life, we challenge any reader to find a single quote from an ex-girlfriend that disparages Jeter.


I agree by the way with Caitlin - Derek Jeter is the definition of unclassy.. George Clooney, compelte opposite! George Clooney dumps women and it's like "oh no biggie, she still got famous, fair trade off"


"Clooney is the luckiest man alive."
CORRECTION: "Canalis is the luckiest woman alive"
She's dating George Clooney and now she gets a maxim spread. MUST BE NICE.


Jeter is corny. Clooney is a dreamboat.


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Elisabetta Canalis is the ex-girlfriend of George Clooney. They dated for two years and split in the summer of 2011. Canalis has enjoyed... More »
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