DMX Goes Insane, Starts Brawl at Charity Concert

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Sometimes all a thug wants to do is perform. Do not attempt to hinder DMX in such situations, should they arise. Consider this your free advice for the day.

There are only a select few celebrities whose names could appear in the headline above and have us not even bat an eye, and DMX is most definitely one.

He was 90 minutes late to a charity concert over the weekend in Colorado Springs, and when he arrived, security wouldn't allow him to perform as planned.

This did not end well for them.

X got into a screaming match with security guards. A real screaming match, as the video below shows. Followed by a shoving match involving large dudes.

The funniest part? The crowd, which was just told he wasn't going to show, chanted "D-M-X!" and "Let him go!" Even more entertaining than him rapping.

He eventually got on stage, to the crowd's elation, but the sound system was turned off and couldn't perform. Amazingly, X did not end up in jail for once.

Check out the classic video here ...


And this is why he's washed up.


showing his true colors
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another one bites the dust


They did not let him perform because he came late. And to add to it he acts like an ignorant fool. So even after he got on stage they cut the music...........


why wouldn't they let him perform? lmao


You know what's funny. No one wanted to comment on this guy DMX. Well D-Dumb Ass M-Mother _ _ _ _ _ _ X-Unkown (he does not even know his damn self) I will be the first to comment. BlogKingNyc loves people like him. That is why I will be rich one day. The DMX see above abbrev. can't seem to chill out. The guy needs his own reality show or something. Hey Dummy Mother X. Don't put one of your 1000 kids on the balloon ok.

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