Delusional Kristin Cavallari: The Hills is #1!!

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Kristin Cavallari is apparently drinking the MTV Kool-Aid. Which was probably fresh 2-3 years ago before it went completely stale. Oh, snap, we went there.

At the Rock the Kasbah charity gala in Hollywood last night, the reality star told E! Online that The Hills "is the No. 1 show and we are doing really well."

What exactly it ranks #1 in, she didn't say. Likely because you'd pretty much have to completely invent your own category to make that statement true.

We don't suppose it's worth noting that a rerun of the actual top-rated show on TV, NCIS, received 16 million viewers this week. The Hills? 1.72 million.

The Hills' ratings are declining, at least 30 percent in fact, starting the season at 2.1 million and sinking since. Still, when asked about it, Kristin insisted:

"No, they're not! We had one drop because of the Hip Hop awards on VH1, but they went up the next week." Mmm. Not so much, but whatever you say.

Kristin Cavallari thinks The Hills is doing great. Psst. No one tell her.

The once-popular show's ratings decline has received quite a lot of press, with many critics blaming Kristin's replacement of Lauren Conrad for the dip.

Kristin Cavallari calls that unfair: "At the end of the day it's not up to me to make a great show. "It's the whole crew, the whole cast. It's not just me."

"I think to put all that pressure on me is pretty unfair."

She may be right, but that was clearly MTV's marketing strategy, hyping the living hell out of her "return" with "The Bitch is Back" and other taglines.

Clearly The Hills needs some better fake storylines than the so-forced, fake love triangle they tried to create with Kristin, Audrina Patridge and Justin.

The world may be getting over Speidi, too. Don't get us wrong, they still entertain, but it was better when they feuded with each other (and with LC).

Now they just talk about ca-ra-zy sibs Stephanie and Holly? Zzz.


ugh....cant stand class.LOVE L.C!!!!!


I effin love Kristin. She is my idol. i dont think ppl should put her down like that. She cant help it that she looks better than everybody on that show. its not her fault ppl put her out to be something shes not.


Yes, Please drop the hills now...if it wasn't for Kristin and Speidy the hills would still be a great show... leave it to kristin and speidy to ruin it! lol... they are all pathetic! Lauren come back!


I hate kristin she's the one who went around saying how fake the show is and how she will do anything the producers ask her to do. Why? Ugh! Can't stand her and her annoying voice.


Agree 100% with Free Britney! The Hills drama/storyline seems more contrived than ever... Admittedly though, I'm still watching it for it's ultra cheap entertainment value LOL


hmm i dunno what to think


Love Kristin!

Free britney

In response to anna: 1. There is nothing misogynistic about the above post. These are real quotes from Kristin, given to E! News, that we sourced and made fun of, as we feel they are absurd. It's an opinion.
2. We did in fact blame MTV and its marketing, at least in part, for the decline in ratings, if you actually read above.
3. There is nothing comparable on this site to Perez Hilton. Please note the utter lack of semen and sex organs drawn on celebrity pics. Thank you.


Calm down - to the above comments! we can't all be friends and have the same opinion lol...
i hate kristin, always have, shes boring and has no style, im glad the hills ratings are dropping, maybe then they will end the show, the cast are too old now, they need new meat, a new concept.


This blog is turning into Perez Hilton in all its misogynistic glory. No wonder there are never any comments compared to other blogs-you keep putting people off with your vomit-spewing on young women.

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