David Archuleta Announces Winter Tour

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Christmas has come early for David Archuleta fans.

First, they can purchase his latest album, Christmas From The Heart, starting today. Right now! Go! Go! We'll wait right here...

Second, the former American Idol runner-up has announced that he'll be touring this year in order to promote the CD. Let's hear more about it from the cute crooner himself:

In other American Idol news: Kris Allen releases his debut album on November 17.

Fans that are already downloading his first single off it, "Live Like We’re Dying," should be excited to check out the rumored CD cover for his self-titled debut.

View it after the jump.

Will you purchase Kris Allen's first album?


he has a beautiful voice congrats on your cd
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David's album is amazing! The sound is gorgeous. David poured his heart and soul into this album. Love the arrangements too, for example Angels We Have Heard on High blended with Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring. And I hear Richard Parkinson's arrangement in O Holy Night - that arrangement was how he met David many years ago. Award winning arranger/producer/composer Kurt Bestor went to Prague to conduct the orchestra for many cuts. And wait until you hear David's Spanish on Riu Riu Chiu! You've gotta hear it. It's wonderful.


can't wait for the tour adn Christmas from The Heart is beautiful.


Lizz, maturity is being able to recognize pure excitement and passion for life. Just sayin' I usually hate xmas cds but this one brought me to tears and I feel all wonderful and warm inside. David Archuleta has a gift, make that he IS a gift.


Lizz I know it upsets you that David is so successful but you cant stop this train, so why dont you just join us, its much funner! reallY! come on dont be shy!!! lol I just love the haters, shower them with love I say!!! okay back to listening to the most glorious voice in the world!Love you DavidArchuleta


David's new Christmas album is nothing short of amazing. I am 68 years old, and although he may look young he does not sing young and he must have a really old soul to be able to put so much emotion in his singing.


David's such a cutie and his Xmas album is incredible! I've been listening to it all day and will buy a bunch more for presents later. I have admit, he does look really young.


christmas from the heart is pure love....every song is so moving, touching and intense...there is song for everyone! this is one of the best christmas album that i've ever seen! congratulations to david archuleta!


Yayy!! David Archuleta is so cute. :D


All I can say is that David Archuleta's Christmas from the Heart CD is beyond my wildest expectations. I bought a copy today and have a bunch ordered for family & friends. This is such an amazing holiday album. David's voice just soars ...and touches the heart & soul. O Holy Night that I've heard for many many years is so amazing being sung by David Archuleta...the ending brought tears to my eyes. I am a huge fan of Davids and love his soulful / pop sound. I just think he is an amazing singer/songwriter. David actually help write one of the songs on the album called Melodies of Christmas. It truly is AMAZING!

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