Danielle Staub: Sued By Kevin Maher

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Danielle Staub's marriage to Kevin Maher did not end well.

Few things do when you're a prostitution whore or a narc.

Kevin Maher, who was married to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star for a year in the 1980s, during which he chronicled her lifestyle in the now-infamous book Cop Without a Badge, says Staub has repeatedly slandered him.

He is taking legal action due to the following allegations:

  • That he "raped her on a bed of broken glass"
  • That he "inserted a handgun inside her" and played Russian Roulette
  • That he "killed their her dog by way of hanging it"

Maher, who insinuated his former wife might get whacked by drug lords for publicizing her past, also said that Staub threatened him on Bravo's reunion show.

Danielle Staub Mug Shots

Danielle Staub's past? Not un-shady.

On that Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Danielle Staub toted along a copy of Cop Without a Badge, an exposé about Maher's life as a police informant.

In "the book," Staub, who used to go by the name Beverly Ann Merrill, had a history of prostitution and drug use and once faced federal extortion charges.

Maybe Robert Halderman should have read up on her.

Despite the fact that Danielle's reputation is about as bad as it gets, Maher fears that he's been slandered and defamed by her comments since she got famous.

"It hurt my business and my reputation," Maher says, adding that he wants his day in court to see the 47-year-old mother of two squirm on the witness stand.

Danielle and the father of her two kids, Thomas Staub, divorced in 2007.


I think Danielle/Beverly is scum of the earth and I feel bad for those kids. She deliberately brought that book out on the show for publicity. Suddenly she's the victim. Boo hoo. Who the hell is she kidding with all her fake tears? Unbelievable! I can't stand her! And what's wrong with linoleum? At least I didn't have to sleep with some one right in front of my kids to get my floors. What a skank.


this is terrible


This is so crazy


Shocking story!


back in day she was crazy eh


damn that's insane


This is terrible. It's so crazy!


that sucksthat she is sued.


Clearly no one was thinking about her children when they decided to air all this in the media, including herself. Her kids are older they can read this shit and so can their friends something liek this should be kept private and eveyone should be taking legal action...i mean raping on a bed of glass HUGE accusation!!


Its always the he said she said crap. I think they shoud let them go at it and get it over with....

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