Danielle Staub: Sued By Kevin Maher

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Danielle Staub's marriage to Kevin Maher did not end well.

Few things do when you're a prostitution whore or a narc.

Kevin Maher, who was married to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star for a year in the 1980s, during which he chronicled her lifestyle in the now-infamous book Cop Without a Badge, says Staub has repeatedly slandered him.

He is taking legal action due to the following allegations:

  • That he "raped her on a bed of broken glass"
  • That he "inserted a handgun inside her" and played Russian Roulette
  • That he "killed their her dog by way of hanging it"

Maher, who insinuated his former wife might get whacked by drug lords for publicizing her past, also said that Staub threatened him on Bravo's reunion show.

Danielle Staub Mug Shots

Danielle Staub's past? Not un-shady.

On that Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Danielle Staub toted along a copy of Cop Without a Badge, an exposé about Maher's life as a police informant.

In "the book," Staub, who used to go by the name Beverly Ann Merrill, had a history of prostitution and drug use and once faced federal extortion charges.

Maybe Robert Halderman should have read up on her.

Despite the fact that Danielle's reputation is about as bad as it gets, Maher fears that he's been slandered and defamed by her comments since she got famous.

"It hurt my business and my reputation," Maher says, adding that he wants his day in court to see the 47-year-old mother of two squirm on the witness stand.

Danielle and the father of her two kids, Thomas Staub, divorced in 2007.


I say everybody needs to leave her the fuck alone and mind their own damn business. She's just trying to live her life but can't because of these ignorant nosey bitches. Everybody has a past and i think she did good turning her life around and we all should just leave the past in the past. It's called "PAST" for a reason!!!!!!!!


Boy I'll tell you!!!! They just find there way out of the sewer just to make a buck!!!! It was the 80's for God sake!!!! I don't believe everything this man says! I do believe he's jealous and trying to make a name for himself and try to take money away from her. He comes across as a very greedy person.


First off, this shit happened in the freaking 80's she was young and had a troubled past, she was adopted into an abusive home and really didnt have any direction in life. People make mistakes, I wish you idiots would get off her dick and let her live her life as it is now! Who are we to judge another human being, people need to mind their own damn business, she was able to turn her life around and is now a famous real housewife of new jersey. I give her a round of applause! You go girl!


I think it’s really funny Danielle admits to the only 2 things that are proven as true... she can’t deny she got arrested and she clearly changed her name. As for the rest of the acquisitions their only word on the street so the liar can deny all she wants to make herself feel better but there has to be some truth to most of it otherwise there would be so many loop holes in Kevin Maher’s story. The story told by Maher ties in all too well with Beverly’s arrest. For someone to want to be so heavily involved with the dealings of cocaine, they must have been a user if not a heavy user.


I find it funny Danielle admits to the 2 things she cannot possibly deny as there’s proof right there in the book. Of course that is a mug shot of her and she quite obviously changed her name.. as for the rest of the acquisitions they can’t really be proved so it makes sense the liar would admit to the few things that are proven and deny anything else...


Danielle is such a manipulative lying bitch! I don't believe her crap for one minute and neither should Dina. I'm glad the book came out, people should know what kind of a sleazy low life slut she really is. I don't blame caroline at all for showing people the book, I would do the exact same thing. It disgusts me that she parades around on the show, acting as if she's just as good or better than anyone else. She looks like an old leathery handbag and she doesn't know the meaning of class. Her claim that she was 'abused' as a child made me want to vomit. I don't believe a word of it and even if it were true, she used it only to gain herself sympathy... not something that a true victim of abuse would do. She deserves everything she gets!!


He is the one who wrote the damn book to begin with
he opened the pandora box to begin with so I don't
blame anyone but himself. I hope he gets nothing
nothing from this. He wants fame now since she is
on tv. And that Table flipping Teresa is the real
tramp of New Jersey!...


i bagged her- shes loose as a bathtub and none of it is a lie- shes a crazy bitch!


Another thing: just because she pled to a lesser charge doesn't wipe out the fact that she did, indeed, do worse things. It just means lazy prosecutors wanted to avoid a trial. So she thinks she can sanitize her past? Not when an ex is writing a book about it. If she is in the "right" then why didn't she sue her ex husband when he wrote this book in the first place? Because she doesn't have a leg to stand on.


Danielle is such a liar, and then she brought out her childhood abuse as a reason for her subsequent actions. Chicken dookie! Lots of kids are abused and don't turn to prostitution whoring and kidnapping as a way to easy money. Which seems to be a tendency on her part to marry into money, sell herself on Bravo, etc. I have no respect for her at all. The way she deflected the issue of what she'd done (according to the book) by attacking the legitimate housewives of Jersey was typical skeeze bullsh*t. It seems the blonde housewife (Jersey) (Dina?) was agreeing to give the prostitution whore a "2nd chance" and this is crazy thinking. Danielle hasn't changed for the better, nor will she ever - she is too ingrained a conman.

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