Dancing with the Stars Says Goodbye to Melissa Joan Hart and Louie Vito

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Dancing with the Stars eliminated two of its more boring contestants this week.

We actually wrote that opening line before watching the show, as season nine's cast is so weak that pretty much anyone on the chopping block qualifies as unentertaining.

Last night, viewers gave the boot to Melissa Joan Hart and Louie Vito, but the actress didn't go quietly. She laid a guilt trip on all of America, saying post-elimination:

"It's tough, I was hoping to make it one more week. My husband was coming next week with my kids."

Mark Ballas and Melissa Joan Hart
Chelsie Hightower and Louie Vito

Vito was a bit more graceful in defeat. He told the audience:

"It's a lot harder than it looks, dealing with frustration, nerves, because you're doing something you're not comfortable with in front of millions of people. Every day I got out there and danced, I was proud of myself just for getting out there."

Next week, Dancing with the Stars will eliminate two more celebs. As host Tom Bergeron put it, this will "thin the herd."

i.e. Speed up this incredibly lackluster season of a typically enthralling competition.


awww she was so goood!


see ya, who cares


Louie was such a class act on the show! The snowboarding world is lucky to have him. He and Chelsie were a fabulous pair and I applaud his attitude and work ethic. He's got a contagious personality. He has a lot of fans pulling for him in Vancouver and beyond.


I just want to thank Louie Vito for being a great role model to the students at Bellefontaine City Schools. Louie was trying something brand new and he really found success by using his work ethic. For kids who don't find things that come naturally or easily, it was great to see Louie giving it his all! That is what we encourage our students to do everyday. We are so proud of you, Louie. Our Monday nights will not ever be the same in your home town. Mrs. Fulton ( Louie's 4th grade teacher)


Vito was NOT gracious! He didn't say one word of thanks to Chelsie. It was all about him. It is a boring season though. Donny Osmond is the only one with real personality. Mya's a great dancer but quiet as a mouse. Too bad George Hamilton's son got kicked off early. He had a lot of potential. The guy that looks like Dennis the Menace should get a new haircut so he'll look like a man, not a kid.


I feel your remarks concerning Melissa were totally unfounded. She was just expressing the love for her family in the fact they were coming out to support her the next week. Did you want her to say, 'yeah, I haven't enjoyed being here and I am glad to be going home to my family'? I don't think that was a guilt trip on America. Where did you come up with that??

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