Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries Call Out Twilight!

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We gotta hand it to The Vampire Diaries.

Accused of being a rip-off of the Twilight Saga, even though the aforementioned book series came out prior to Stephanie Meyer's novels, The CW hit winked at the controversy this week.

During an exchange with another character, Damon Salvatore - played brilliantly by Ian Somerhalder - puts down the book he's been reading and says:

What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped!

We almost spit out our Strawberry Kimi Gatorade at the line. Damon then says the book "has it all wrong," regarding how humans are turned into vampires. It was a funny, unexpected moment; one we hope Twilight fans have a sense of humor about.

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Considering the rave reviews Somerhalder has been receiving, it might be more apt to now ask again: Who makes the hotter pretend vampire?


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I'm a huge Vampire Diaries and Twilight Fan. But hah, I'm NOT Team Edward-(Jacob, actually), and I'm Team Damon, and it's definatly Damon. ;). Awesome, and also, even if it was Jacob or Damon I would say Damon. But I laughed when Damon said his Twilight Thing, 'cause it was SO Damon and funny. :). But I still love Vampire Diaries and Twilight equally. (And between R-Patz and Ian Somerhalder-its gonna be Ian). But still. :). VAMPIRE DIARIES coming back in October, and Breaking Dawn Part 2 out in November. WOOO!> SO EXCITED!


Can't log in with FB... weird. Anyway, lol. Obviously they aren't rip offs... but in the book (if this is true it seems to be different from Elena's personality on the show) is it true that Elena loves the other brother for his looks ? And that's kinda weird anyways within one person (not just seeing her personality on the show) to love someone else for something unsuperficial and then have another love that's even notable for looks. Unless in the book she just "loved" both of them for their looks. Hmm. Well, moving on. This poll is obviouss...Damon.


AWWWW! way to bring a girls hopes down "Love Them, Hate Them"
on youre second comment about Elena only loving him for his looks :(. now i know they wont be together ever! *cries* nooooooooooooo! and also "twillightlover 101" Damon is NOT evil!...well, he was but to quote his fake girl friend he once had: "Maybe this is who you are now, love does that to us Damon. It changes us." HA SEE IN YO FAAAAAACE! *happy dance* anyhoo, i would also like to point out that V.D and T are PRETY difrent with only slight resembances. like the powers part, the vampire part and the love triangle. thats IT. V.D is awsomer than twillight but i say that prety mutch because i BREATH, EAT AND DRINK that show and REALLY wanna read the books! like REALLY BAD. P.S im no always so hyper but V.D does to me.... ELISA, KLAUS, BONNIE, DAMON, CAROLINE AND JERIMY BETTER LIVE IN THE END OR SOMBOBY LOSES 6 PARTS OF THERE BODY! *EVIL LAGH*


i think ian is hotter thin edword becase edword is like walking dead


I love you forever.. Ian somerhalder


Ok this is wat i think.... I LOVE Twilight i really do but i Love the Vampire Diaries as well so i feel bad to take ones side over the other but if im being honest i would have never even thought of watching Vampire Diaries if it wasn't for the Twilight Saga so really Twilight was my first vampire love. And Edward i love love lol but hes extremely beautiful where as Damon is soooo hot! So Damon is the HOTTER vampire!!xxx


In the hotter vamp vategory: Ian wins. The end.
Because both are convincing actors, but Ian is more attractive. In the series rift. Twilight: Its a slower paced, love based story, with not that many sub-plots. I personally think that its too love centric but I devoured the book none the less. Vampire Diaries.


HAHAHHAHAHHA OMG, i totallllyyyyy lmao'd at what he saiddd :P I agreeee :D


I totally agree with 'Love Them, Hate Them'. That is the best solution or whatever you can come up with. I LIVE for Twilight, I BREATHE it but I still agree that Ian is better at Damon than Rob at Edward because of the age difference. "Love Them, Hate Them' got it as it is. The idea is right. It's because of the age thing. Rob doesn't suit Edward, no offense to him, and Ian only suits the TV V.D. version, because frankly, Ian doesn't look evil enough to be book Damon. Although, he is perfect for the TV series. He is HOT but looks a bit too... good. Anyway, that's what I think. I enjoy both books and suggest you all quit your yapping and agree. No offense meant to anyone, by the way. GO VAMPIRE DIARIES!! GO TWILIGHT!! see, I am totally neutral. like Switzerland. ;P TL101. Email me.


ok people im known for loving twilight =)
but dear god ian is they hottest guy ever !
like i want him lol
BUT twilight is my first love and when he said that about twilight i just ................ laughed my haed of NO JOKE! i love him lol =) and i know ppl who where so angery just take a joke dudes! and damon is so evil that i love him !
go both off them and if they want to take the piss out of each otther come on that would be so funny so let them and i hope twilight takes a jab back and a war begins
xxxxxxxxxxxx =)

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