Cody Linley: Drunk, Topless, Out of Control

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As Katie Rees knows well, celebrity gossip sites are often all over scandalous shots of attractive females getting drunk and naked.

But we'd be hypocrites if we didn't also point out the times that guys acted like wasted loons, too. Step right up, Cody Linley!

The Hannah Montana actor, who was linked romantically to that show's star until she moved on to her next boy toy, was spotted recently "drunk as a skunk," according to a Star magazine source.

"It was weird to see him stick his tongue down some girl's throat. He was totally out of it and didn't mind that the whole room was staring at him," said a witness.

Is this inappropriate behavior for a 19-year old? Some would say. Others, however, would just be jealous they weren't the ones fondling a shirtless Cody.

Drunk Cody Linley

Look, Vanessa Hudgens! Other Disney stars get caught with topless photos, too!

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eeeewwwwww3 he is a siko but he has hot friends{jared}!!!!!!!! omg that is gross u dont kiss peoples tounges


omg! i never saw that coming


wat kind of mind is that............... thanks be to God it's not miley........... you r cute too but grrrrooooossssssssssss ttttoooooo................


hmmmmm..interesting...but a agree that it was wrong..he has to be a role model..but he is allowed to have some fun! everyone does stuff like know?! i still am a big fan and everything! it happens to everyone..just lets not have it become a habit! =]


hes too hot to blame. but let him have a little fun they dont have to be a sait just because disney plise do you think that disney stars are what there appear to be OF CURSE NOT! (:


omg---wish i was there--love how they pulled his shirt soo far open to expose all of his bare chest--bare skin----wish i was that girl pulling his pants down---wtf i'd pull them all the way down to see his special "unit"---from the looks on his face i bet he's HARD and most likely WET---if not i;m sure i could get him excited !!


He has better things to do in life than drink!!


I think that the disney channel workers should just dont put him on any showz because of what he did.


LOL, wow. And he's still under the drinking age, eh? hahah.


Oh Cody! I am so sad! I freaking love him, and he is so cute, and yeah, he can party, but do you see who is is touching toungs with? GROSS!!! He can do so much better, them gals are freaking ugly, thats what beer goggles do to you!