Cody Linley: Drunk, Topless, Out of Control

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As Katie Rees knows well, celebrity gossip sites are often all over scandalous shots of attractive females getting drunk and naked.

But we'd be hypocrites if we didn't also point out the times that guys acted like wasted loons, too. Step right up, Cody Linley!

The Hannah Montana actor, who was linked romantically to that show's star until she moved on to her next boy toy, was spotted recently "drunk as a skunk," according to a Star magazine source.

"It was weird to see him stick his tongue down some girl's throat. He was totally out of it and didn't mind that the whole room was staring at him," said a witness.

Is this inappropriate behavior for a 19-year old? Some would say. Others, however, would just be jealous they weren't the ones fondling a shirtless Cody.

Drunk Cody Linley

Look, Vanessa Hudgens! Other Disney stars get caught with topless photos, too!

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Maybe he went "over" his lines.So what?Every Disney-star has to
grow up,and some of them "grow up" in a odd way.. Still life long Cody Linley fan..


I would totally do a three sum with Cody Linley and Taylor Lautner.


i'm mad that wasn't me you could give me to second with him in the bathroom hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


allen you sound fucking ignorant. "hes under 21 so its irresponsible" first of all the drinking age is 18 almost everywhere besides america-you know where you can smoke, buy born, DIE for your country, just cant drink... second of all why would age all of a sudden make getting waste and drawing all over yourself "responsible" ? im not judging him. teens do shit like this all the time. he just needs to be careful, he IS famous.


I Agree that he should be a rolemodle but you know what alot of these disney stars have been trusted as a rolemodle but sometimes they made wrong desisions hopefully this is the only time he'll do this but you know how it is being famous sometimes they take as an ascuse ONE MORE CHANCE i say :-)


Give him a break he is a sweet guy that had a bad bumb in the road and im pretty sure he is upset about it.. I like him he is the half disent guy and im sure that he wont do that again. Dont worry about it cody your great and we all know it


I find it funny how all of this is turned to miley.
"Oh its from miley" o_o really? He's 19 GOD DAMN. Thats what teenagers do. they make mistakes. -.-


I kind of agree with both sides.I mean,Disney has to stop getting people who are getting drunk or putting up naked photos cause their show's are mainly for young children.But on the other hand,if the famous person is a legal adult,then LEAVE THEM BE!They are old enough to take care themselves,so it isn't our business!


I disagree w/ all of u saying this is normal behavior. I'm 20 and never partied or done anything illegal. Plus he's still under 21 which makes it irresponsible. I think he should be held to the same standards as the female disney stars. I also disagree that Disney stars should be let off w/ acting like this b/c I have nieces & nephews that watch Disney & look up to the stars as I'm sure other kids do,so I thin they need to try to be better role models.


i thought he was a good kid.. He is gross he probly gets it from miley.she is a siko 2. dont turn into him :(