Chris Brown Comeback Tour Kicks Off Next Week

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What a coincidence.

A day after Rihanna's new single comes out, Chris Brown's going on tour!

Well, he's announced plans to go on tour, anyway. To go on a Fan Appreciation Tour, no less. Brown wants to "thank folks who have stood by him" this year.

Chris' year has been marred by a February assault on his girlfriend and subsequent guilty plea on felony assault charges. Not a lot of positive PR in that.

Just the same, he's looking to get back to the music. Brown said his "first show back" would be October 27 at Power 105's Powerhouse show in New Jersey.

He's not the only one on the bill there, but there's more. His month-long jaunt kicks off November 14 at the House of Blues in Houston and will touch down in similar venues in 19 cities across the country, including L.A., Chicago and Boston.

Chris Brown's comeback is scheduled to begin soon. You in?

The small venues were chosen to encourage an intimate atmosphere geared toward real Chris Brown fans, according to the R&B singer's tour organizers.

Brown, who has been busy performing community labor in Virginia, unveiled his first single since February, "I Can Transform Ya," late last month.

Speaking of being transformed, his tour is sending a positive message:

A portion of tour proceeds will go to Best Buddies International, a group that provides employment and leadership opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, and to the Jenesse Center, which supports victims of domestic violence.

No donations make up for what he did and the message it sent, but you gotta credit him for doing all the right things since his guilty plea, at least.


guy was wrong... and your first thought and popular belief is that he will do it again... but what if he really wanted to change? i doubt he will ever really recover his popularity but then again i dont think people should hate the guy forever... just dont support him as an artist but at least let the guy live and get on with his life and perhaps stop the cussing coz you think it would actually help his problems?


OMG! I love Chris Brown yeah it was bad what he did to Rihanna but come on we don't live in hollywood so why should we care the only thing that comes out of hollywood that we should care about is the music and you've got to admit he's a good singer and song writer.


How sweet, he's using his get-out-of-jail card and going on tour.


I am outraged!!!!!!!!!!!! The same campaign I did to hurt Kanye I will do to Chris Brown. You know that song he has out sounds like he is whining for forgiveness. Listen when R-Kelly had his problem he just made hits. Not songs talking about oh I shoul not have gave this girl a golden shower. No one will buy Chris Brown tour.........


what he did was wrong and he needs to get help to deal with the issues that caused him to act out violently as he did
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