CBS Pulls Plug on David Letterman's Explanation of Affairs, Extortion Scandal; But Why?

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In a riveting and unexpected 10-minute segment Thursday night's Late Show with David Letterman, the host told viewers of a suspected $2 million plot to extort him based on his past sexual relationships with female employees (plural).

The suspect, Robert Halderman, was arrested Thursday. Two of the women Dave allegedly slept with, Stephanie Birkitt and Holly Hester, have been identified.

If you watched Letterman's mea culpa live, or saw it online in the immediate aftermath, that was probably the last chance you'll ever get to, thanks to CBS.

The network never posted copies of the segment on or on YouTube, and worked over the weekend to stamp out all copies of the host’s explanation.

We suppose that as eager as media companies are to distribute their content online, there are still some moments they would rather not disseminate widely.

If you didn't see David Letterman's stunning admission of affairs with staff members that resulted in an extortion plot against him, don't expect to get another shot.

CBS’ reasoning is obvious, from a business perspective: they likely find it embarrassing and think the scandal will go away if it makes the clip go away.

This move is inherently flawed, as it merely fuels increased interest in the story, and any people CBS does keep from viewing the clip are more likely to misguidedly believe Letterman's deeds were worse than they actually are.

CBS even takes it a step further, posting Friday’s cheerful interview with Larry David, but not Dave's chat that same night with House star Olivia Wilde.

Why? Perhaps because, in the course of telling a story about how she moved into a bus with her husband, the actress said jokingly to Letterman, “I’m sure you could get many, many women to move into your car with you.”


The network has been more lenient with clips of Stephanie Birkitt, who appeared on Late Show skits years ago (recently obtained Holly Hester pictures suggest that her affair with Letterman took place while he was still with NBC).

What do you think about the silencing of David Letterman's admission?


i feel so bad for his wife


idk what these girls see in him


Hey, they were consenting adults who cares. I hope the blackmailer gets all 15 years - read his bio now there is a womanizer and he got cheated on too bad, so sad.


his apology should of been private why does he have to apologize to the public just to the people he hurt!!


hey people make mistakes they just are worse when your famous


I believe that the American people can see the distinction between a Late Night jokester and a Politician who preaches one thing and lives another. And I also believe that the American people will have more compassionate about this situation, but who knows what the court case will reveal. Let's remember "Those who are not willing to give pardon and mercy are those that do not need pardon and mercy. By the way, who are you losers to cast stones?


his wife doesnt look like she maintains her self... no make-up, dumpy figure, she kind of looks manly. not that it is right about his philandering... but mb could contribute to his actions?
dunno what girls he had his sexual affairs with... but hope they were attractive.
i dont think he is worthy of making so much news... he isnt funny to me... very condescending humor. i wish he had to pay those people who extorted him. he basically got away with it...
he is not really sorry.


So sick of hearing about it. He's disgusting


It's great that he wants to own up to everything, but only after he's been caught.


Confess??? Is that what you call a confession honey? What else could the hypocritical bum do but "confess" "after" he knew it was about to blow up in his face and his wife would be on his butt, not to mention all the possible litgation. Now if he had told her up front "before" there was even a bit of threat of it being disclosed then I would call that a confession...but this...NO WAY! Maybe if/when your boyfriend or husband ever does it to you just remember to ask yourself, does that make him cool?


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