Brooke Hundley-Steve Phillips Affair, Scandal Exposed; Marni Phillips Sues For Divorce

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If you thought trading Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano during his stint as GM of the Mets was the worst decision Steve Phillips could make, think again.

The ESPN analyst had an affair with assistant Brooke Hundley, who, after being dumped, went insane and started harassing Steve's wife Marni Phillips.

We are talking phone calls and a letter that bragged about sex with Steve Phillips while ridiculing their "loveless marriage," The New York Post reports.

Steve confessed to Marni Phillips and local police that he had slept with ESPN assistant Brooke Hundley, 22, several times this summer before dumping her.

In retaliation, the jilted young woman repeatedly phoned Phillips' wife, exclaiming things like "We both can't have him!" an explosive police report claims.

Hundley also described, in her letter to Marni Phillips, details of her husband's sexual relationship with her, including the birthmark on Steve's crotch and how at least she didn't have to worry about him knocking her up since he had a vasectomy.

Classy. It's actually worse than you think, too.

Steve Phillips blew this whistle on lover-turned-stalker Brooke Hundley. He also blew his marriage to Marni Phillips. This was after Brooke ... never mind.

Hundley accidentally smashed her car into a stone column while speeding away from the Phillips' home after leaving the letter, terrifying the family.

She also may have used an ESPN computer to contact and stalk Phillips' 16-year-old son on Facebook while posing as one of his high-school classmates.

"I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself," Steve Phillips said in a Wilton, Conn., police statement, adding that Brooke Hundley had become "obsessive and delusional" after he dumped her.

Steve Phillips is not pressing charges against her, but he is being sued himself - for divorce, by Marni Phillips, 40, with whom he has four sons.

Phillips has also been suspended for a week by ESPN because of the scandal.

These bombshell developments come nearly a decade after Phillips took a leave of absence as the Mets' GM for infidelity, which was almost as much of a hallmark of Phillips' tenure with the team as his bad personnel decisions.

One of several rumored affairs he had back then was with a team employee, Rosa Rodriguez, who sued Steve for sexual harassment in the late 1990s.

For more on his most recent antics, follow the link to reading in the New York Post, and check out Brooke Hundley's letter to Marni Phillips below ...


Sounds like everyone is sleeping with each other at ESPN! CAN I HAVE A JOB :)


Wow...I'm in the same boat with a bastard husband who didn't "feel loved" at home so took it to a much younger girl and, imagine this, felt loved and listened to...well no shit, do you really think they're not going to hang on your every word and be at your beck and call? All I have to say is that men aren't worth the energy most of us women put into them. He deserves every bit he gets and so does the little bitch who's fucking him.


She needs to go back to catechism if she thinks infidelity is somehow "ok" with the church.
She sounds like a 15 yr old who is too stupid to realize she was getting used. And what a tool- he got forgiven once- he risks losing his sons by being an idiot.


She married an unfaithful man...what did she expect? Oh, she believed in him, she could change him, he would love her forever. No.


I think maybe that gay hair style and gay goatee Phillips wears makes him try extra hard with the laydeez!


Is everyone at ESPN boning each other? Tirico, Phillips, who's next? I know it's pretty lonely in Bristol, CT but what happened to just going out and bowling instead of balling?


They're both selfish bastards, I feel bad for the wife. I do not see the appeal of messing around with a married guy at all - why the heck would you go there? Messing with someone else's relationship is low.


he whined to the mistress that his wife is making him go to church and doesn't want to do anything with her life? then she tells the wife out of respect for her supposedly? not sure which of the two is worse, but I guess they're both getting what they deserve


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Was an ACE HOLE with the Mets and did this...and continues to show his true colors. Things come around don't they Steve?


The whole thing makes me feel sick and hurt for Steve Phillips' wife and children. The sex is one thing, but the real infidelity is his sharing of intimate details and feelings about his wife and sons to this girl. The girl says she's not stupid so she must realize now that this was definitely a bad idea and that she is certainly not going to get him now. ESPN should can him immediately.

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