Breaking, False News: Kristen Stewart Dumps Robert Pattinson!

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It's all over, folks.

Due to poor magazine sales the pressure of the relationship, a leading supermarket tabloid has invented a new story that reports that Kristen Stewart has broken up with Robert Pattinson.

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“Rob was talking marriage,” said OK! Weekly's imaginary anonymous source, adding Stewart was unhappy with how little she was seeing of her friends and family. “She told him they need to take a break.”

How sad. It was just two issues weeks ago that this same publication pretended to have interviewed a supposedly happy Robsten inside their home, citing the couple itself as claiming it was essentially "married" already.

What could have gone wrong in the last few days? It's hard for OK! to make up believable quotes from non-existent people to say. But there is good news:

The magazine is already working on a cover story about aliens taking over Kristen's body Rob winning his true love back. Phew!


I knew they hadnt broke up id hate to see them not together they are perfect together i love you both and OK mag is a load of crap If They have broke up i hope they are both happy and its great ( if its true ) that robs winning his true love back


OK sucks!!! They are a load of shit!!!


dumb ass tabloids


i think that robert and kristin should still be dating cuz they make a cute cupel


haha, reading everything including the crossed out text is funny. who cares if they broke up? let them live their life


this is ridiculous. they're gonna be the new brad and angelina, they're together they're not they are they aren't over and over and over


I was soo happy when they got together, but now that you mention it they never cofirmed it or anything. And both Kristen and Rob smoke! I can't believe it! That is soo not right. What is this world coming too? And when you look at it closely they don't REALLY go together. Kinda!?


I think there still together


i wish they will never break up i love them together espicially in theire movies like twilight,new moon,eclipes,breaking dawn.


Rob just sue the magazine !! They are annoying your fans publishing offensive content. Sue them sue them sue them !

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