Brandi Glanville: Run-in with LeAnn Rimes "Not Pleasant"

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In the midst of her divorce from actor Eddie Cibrian, model Brandi Glanville is speaking out yet again against her rival, country star LeAnn Rimes.

In Las Vegas Saturday night, Glanville, 36, acknowledged that she has had a run-in with Cibrian's current girlfriend, and that it was "not pleasant.”

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian took their romance public in August and have been staying at a house near the home she used to share with Cibrian.

Still, the estranged couple "definitely save face for the kids – absolutely, they are the most important things in both our lives," Glanville said.

That's good to hear at least. In fact, Cibrian was watching the kids - Mason, 6, and Jake, 2 - during Glanville's weekend away in Sin City.

Rumors of Eddie Cibrian cheating on Brandi Glanville first surfaced this spring.

Glanville said she was in Las Vegas with girlfriends for a "divorce celebration-slash-get-away-from-your-life party. I'm just here to enjoy myself and relax."

A divorce party? Shanna Moakler would be so proud.

Brandi left Eddie over the affair with LeAnn in July.

As for Rimes, who filed for divorce from Dean Sheremet September 1, "she can have most of everything," said Glanville, "just not my children and my family."

A friend of Rimes says, "This is absurd. It just sounds like someone's desperately trying to extend their 15 minutes here. Everyone else has moved on."


Brandi, our hearts are with you. Be comforted in knowing that you are much prettier than her. And at least you know now the quality of this man and woman's heart, cheap metal, and you are better off than both of them. Think about it, they are each dating a person who would not live up to a lifetime oath made. They don't value love or commitment. The joke is on them, and actually they are cheating on themselves. I do hope that that woman stops stalking you. She's creepy looking. Value is found in the heart of gold and now you can find one. They are out there.


Well give your man what he wants to keep him or another women will. I geuss LeeAnn knows what they want


Meeeeeeeow, hissssssss!


If he did it once, he'll do it again and again!


dont thik he is cheeting ?


I don't care about any of them!


leanne is a homewrecker!!! cant believe what she did to her exhusband and to eddies exwife


Brandi was with edie for !3years! They have two small children (leanne has none). So for leanne friend (publicist) to say get over it and move on is gross!!!! Leanne left behind nothing and has no regrets. Eddie has family and major baggage that you just dont get over and move on from so quickly. Also it is my understanding that Eddie has a house in Calabasas near Brandi's and Leanne went and rented yet another house to be near Eddie..... that is rude gross and insensitive. Eddie should be a man and ask his mistress to give his WIFE some space!!!!


Both of them are kinda trashy. What they both did is so awful!


LeAnn IS a HOMEWRECKER CHEATER and a SELFISH ATTENTION-WHORE SLUT!! Eddie is no better, and they DON'T have to flaunt their sick so-called relationship! LeAnn and Eddie are both STUPID and SELFISH LOSERS!! GO BRANDI-be PROUD of yourself and take Eddie for all he's got!!

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