Billy Ray Cyrus to Miley Twitter Fans: Follow Me!

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In case you didn't know Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter.

Then the teen queen rapped about it in a YouTube video.

Then Billy Ray Cyrus, her dad, urged her to come back, because the world needs its Destiny and Hope. Yes, really. These people aren't at all self-important.

In a spoof of this riveting saga, Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Billy Ray and made a rap video of his own, looking to gobble up Miley's Twitter fans for himself!

The Late Night host donned a wig and a pair of dungarees in an attempt to get Miley's two million lost souls to support her country-singin' daddy instead.

Among the choice lyrics from the faux father of Miles:

"Hey there America, let's make this clear. Miley might be gone, but I'm still here ..." "As long as my heart's still beatin', I'm gonna be Tweetin' 'cause I got a full house like my name was Jodie Sweetin ... Achy-Breaky Tweets!"

Pretty good. Check out Billy Ray's rap ...

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i love jimmy fallon!!


who's the BITCH?!?!? miley duh!! she changes her name and except her to be our DESTINY & HOPE. dream on, Bill. accept the fact dude, ur girl's a BITCH


"We STILL are reading and hearing about you! and you are doing it yourselves!! Man, like above comment said, the Cyrus family is in love with themselves! sick!" We are not in love with ourselves, and we do not try to put our faces in the media. It's just kind of hard to not have our faces in the media when there are cameras watching our every move, and people critisizing what we do every second. Yes, I rapped my goodbye to Twitter. Who cares? If I would have typed it, or written it, or anything else, you would've found a way to make fun of that too.


lolol... so funny. I'm beginning to get sick of the cyrus'


i really hope her fans didnt start following her dad on twitter


thats the funnies clip i have ever seen


they are so dang annoyin!


OMFG! this famil needs to stop putting their faces in the media,


people need to leave the family alone, if you say that they're being fame whores, stop giving them the fame that they want so badly


haha wow sorta funny i guess