Bethenny Frankel Confirms Spinoff, Denies Sonja Morgan Replacement Rumors

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While the world awaits the Bethenny Frankel nude PETA campaign, the Real Housewives of New York City star assures fans they won't need to wait much longer see her star in her very own program.

"The spinoff news is totally true," Frankel told Us Weekly, while also shooting down talk that Sonja Morgan would replace her on the Bravo series:

"Me being replaced after five episodes is totally false. I haven't started doing the spinoff show. I have started doing Housewives."

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But what about Morgan, who does look to be coming aboard the series?

"If you do the math, they replaced someone on Atlanta, and on Orange County, they only have two of the originals. But I don't know anything that you don’t know. I would imagine that you don't have to be Angela Lansbury to figure out that eventually they may replace one of us."

To our readers under the age of 75: Angela Lansbury is best known for her role as an author/detective on the former drama Murder, She Wrote.

As for Frankel's reality show, "it will be just about my entire life," the socialite says, adding that boyfriend Jason Hoppy may be involved.

"If I know Bravo and if they know me, I just think it will be the truth, which is the balance between career and relationships and all things in between. If he is part of my life, he will be part of the show."

In related news: anyone that watches this program is in serious, serious need of a life.


Can't STAND Jill and The CountLESS,and Ramona's a Ditz and obnoxious,seems like the only decent one 's are alex and Bethany. i'd love to see jill and luann go!!!!!!!!!!


does anyone really care about the housewives at all?


Ugh can't they just get rid of her and not give her a spin-off?


what so interesting about these damn shows seriously i am curious?


too many people watch lame shows about nonsense oh like this!!


Not a fan of these housewives at all!


i dont like it.


I also don't like it.


yeah i dont really like those shows eather. i know my mom watches real housewives but idk how she does it


Well that is good news. I would hate to see her go she makes the show interesting..... Love to see the new spin off also.

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