Bethenny Frankel Confirms Jason Hoppy Engagement

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After weeks of dragging out the rumors in order to create headlines speculation, Bethenny Frankel has confirmed the worst kept secret on reality TV:

She's engaged to Jason Hoppy!

"He liked it so much he put a ring on it!" the entrepreneur, channeling her inner Beyonce told E! News.

Hoppy proposed in Frankel's apartment, presenting her with an 8-carat ring. No wonder she said yes! The pair has been dating since December 2008.

"It feels great, because I'm with the right person," said Frankel. "He's may be regretting it because it's been beyond a week and he's in panic mode – no, we're enjoying it."

Frankel and Hoppy

The other major Real Housewives of New York City news this week was that Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert are joining the cast.

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I heard he was gay....I realize that Bethany acts like a he might like her now..or just want a kid..but It won't work foe too long...I give them a year..then she will be back crying to Jill and her mother .."I'm sooo sorry..your the family I never had."
... I can't stand Bethany any more and her show will take a nose dive right off a cliff ..she is not many times can we watch her mix drinks? and beat people down....and then watch her try to be a mother??..what a joke


Congrats to the happy couple
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


what kind of last name is hoppy?


she's really annoying but she loods quite pretty there


she's not tht ugly, 2 bad she's such a famewhore


her dress is kinda cute tho


your old, want attention, and are sadly getting it so congrats


blablabla nobody cares


I hope now they may have better ratings from pulling this stunt, lol


thats all hollywood is these days, people trying to create headlines to get a bigger name for them selves!

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