Best of Celebrity Pics: September 26-October 2, 2009

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Welcome, fans of celebrity news and gossip. Below are some of the best celebrity pictures posted on The Hollywood Gossip in the past week.

Just click to enlarge these funny, random and risque images below, then follow the jump for lots more quality celeb photos the last seven days ...

  • Favorite Fashion
  • Major Redhead
  • Total Stud
  • Downtrodden
  • Wedding Pic
  • Liam Hemsworth Picture
  • Total Cuties
  • Damon Salvatore Picture
  • The Edwards
  • Publicity Hound
  • Kanye Image
  • Late Show Host
  • Padma Lakshmi Picture
  • Smooth Buttocks
  • A Crying Baby
  • New Fan Favorite
  • Hey, Kate!
  • Photo of Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  • Photo of LC
  • Palin as a Mother
  • Quite Douchey
  • Howdy, Kristin!
  • A True Diva
  • Kelly Osbourne, DWTS
  • Weird Bathing Suit
  • Brittny Photo
  • What a Jackass
  • Huge Ring
  • Pretty Selena
  • Kelly Osbourne Photo
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Really nice pictures of Ian and rob, yum


taylor lautner is looking better and better all the time


i love all these pictures so great


OMG!!!!!!!!!i love the taylor one!!!!!!!!


Well they all look like they are really happy.... NOT!!!!! I might be broke and living from pay check to pay check but at least my business is my and not the publi... I wouldnt trade any of these people.


ropert pattinson (L)


aww come on! the best picture has to be rob pattinson there!!! hehe xx