Best of Celebrity Photos: October 10-16, 2009

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Welcome, fans of celebrity news and gossip, to The Hollywood Gossip.

Below are some of the best celebrity photos from the past week on our site. Click to enlarge some of the funny, sexy and random images below, then follow the jump to peruse a ton more quality celeb shots from the last seven days ...

  • Adam in the Studio
  • Boring Port
  • Ogle Worthy
  • Photoshopped Filippa Hamilton
  • Marge Simpson Bikini Pic
  • Meghan McCain Twitter Pic
  • Paul Wesley in Teen Vogue
  • Photo of Bethenny Frankel
  • M-Lo Blows
  • Behind tha Wheel
  • Reality TV Addicted
  • Daisy D. Picture
  • A Douchebag Picture
  • Rock Bottom?
  • Crazy Couple
  • Lautner Photo
  • Skinny Miranda Kerr
  • The Other Intern
  • Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson Picture
  • Four By Four
  • Tess Taylor
  • Weird Pic
  • Filippa Hamilton in Ralph Lauren
  • Filippa Hamilton Nude
  • Birkhead Picture
  • Chuck Liddell Picture
  • Shauna Sand Nude
  • Pig Buyer
  • A Shayne Lamas Picture

great pics of the week in happening
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


and kristen stewarts photos were great too


I loved taylors photos


some of those are so pathetic (naked porn star, famewhoring balloon boy's parents)


okay my favs are audrina (:D), blake, taylor and paul w :)


love those pictures of taylor lautner! gorgeous!

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