Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z with "Average Cat"

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On the list of intelligent feuds one can start, dissing Jay-Z doesn't strike us as one you'd see ranked very high. But that's not about to stop Beanie Sigel.

The rapper dissed Jay-Z in his new “Average Cat” song, according to the Wall Street Journal, debuting the track today on New York’s Hot 97 radio station.

Referencing Jay-Z's real name Shawn Carter, Sigel's lyrics state, “The rapper Shawn called the police on me 'cause I was front row at the Blue Print 3.”

Afterwards, Beanie Sigel did not deny his intent, but qualified it by saying that he isn't encouraging an ongoing feud with Jay-Z or anything like that.

Here's Beanie Sigel supposed diss of Jay-Z ...

Of the lyrics, he said, “This ain’t a green light for everybody to start making 'diss Jay-Z' records. This is just me taking my brother out for five minutes.”

Their feud is reported to have originated from their Roc-A-Fella business dealings, and Jay-Z's allegedly adequate marketing of Sigel’s album in 2007.

Interestingly, his visit to Hot 97 occurred just hours after Jay-Z performed “Empire State Of Mind” at Yankee Stadium for Game 2 of the World Series.


Sammy, rndeiag your stuff is like watching a movie. When it gets intense my heart starts racing and then of course someone walks in my office and say's hey Aiisha, can you do me a favor? Lol, it's like someone stading in front of you during the good part of the movie. My favorite part was, I hit the ground with great force! GREAT FORCE??? Lmbo, but you are a good dude Sam Can't wait to read more


jay-z n bennie siegel should behave like matured guyz n stop fucking up.


im from brooklyn --son can at him hard but son melted at the end c'mon beans -it's hip hop --beef make hip hop evolve --no excuses --in hip hop aint no friends


How did we first hear about Beanie Sigel? How did Beanie Sigel ever get on the scene? How was Philly able to make a come back? It's not like 3X Dope is still making music and EST is really the greatest man alive. Who know what's behind the beef,Beans might have a point or maybe he is in the wrong.However you can't embrace Beans without giving Jay-Z a pound. Grant it Sigel already knew how to rap but Jay-Z mad sure that the rap world would listen.


The Roc wouldn't have been anything without PHILLY niggas? Are you mixing crack into your weed? Jay been doing his thing without BEANS...and sigel my nigga, but how you can expect a man to give you riches you ain't earn. I mean he did it anyway, cuz Jay had a nigga up there when his sales was way the fuck down there. State Property niggas can't even go gold. Get of Beans dick, the nigga nice, but he ain't sell shit. That's like when the Lox was mad Puff never copped them houses, but he gave Mase cars n shit. Well Mase was going triple Plat, the Lox barely went Gold on Bad Boy. One more thing, beef is dumb old...and nobody beats Jay when it come to that. Jay like the Yankees....and the rest of rap is the rest of MLB.....nobody better than the Yankees...and none of your favorite rappers fucking wit Jay or NEW YORK for that matter. 1 yaself


real shit da roc would have never been n.e thng without them PHILLY niqqas but J will never show them respect becuz he believes in his mind that hes the whole fuqn dinesty and truth be told hes not hes come to the city performs and cut these niqqas they never belonged and he wonders y are city shows him no respect cuz u show ur artist none and thats real just look at how they dropd bit by bit fuq jay.z hats off 2BEANIES U DAT NIQQA REAL SHYT


Man I'm sorry Beans aint on Jay level and I don't care what he says, 11 #1 albums who better than that...


Yall have to see and realize beanie been with jay frm way bac when roca fella been out and you don't know what happens behind close doors in the music business some shady shit happens in the music world but I think beanie hold his tongue long enough so I don't blame him for going at jay for yall sayin he didn't went hard enough what the fuck he gotta do that for I mean the nigga saying shit how he felt yall some hatin ass niggaz talking shit


1st dont say no dumass shxt about beanie sigel or jay z. specially SEEG..
foremost.... if jay z avoid a muthafuka how a muthafuka gon say suttin 2 eem? he fukin cant.. unless u stop avoidin a muthafuka. remember dat shxt. -liindo
holla at me.. my name ring bellz in philly.. all over.. i shxt on niggaz 2 much i feel sorry.. get at me youngboulz. n bad bytches holla at me.. jus google me.. or bettter yet ask ya gurlfriends.


wow anger


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