Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

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Republicans will likely find a way to turn this into an example of Socialism, but Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Price.

In a surprising announcement this morning, the annual award's committee cited the President "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

Obama is only the third sitting President to earn the honor, following Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Despite his short time in his office, the Oslo-based committee said:

"We are awarding Obama for what he has done. Many other people and leaders and nations have to respond in a positive way" to President Obama's diplomacy.

In less than a year since his historic victory, President Obama has spoken out in favor for reductions in nuclear arsenals; is trying to restart peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians; and has faced constant challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thorbjorn Jagland -  the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee - told reporters he hopes the Nobel Peace Prize designation "will enhance what he is trying to do."

Do you agree it's well-deserved? Or is too early to bestow such an award on Obama? Vote below!


What in the hell has he done, but go on TV and try to get this health care passed and talk to a couple of nations leader. That is it.. Impact on what how he is fixing to mess the whole United States up by trying to make Socialize health care that will decide if your family will live or not. I can't belive this.




Obama is a great leader


Bill, that's not a very kind train of thought. Judge people based on who they hang out with? So because I work at a mental hospital, does that make me psychotic? Because I pass out soup at a soup kitchen, does that make me homeless? Because I befriend drug addicts when they need someone to get them help, does that make me a junkie?..... No.


Anyone impressed by this "award" is an idiot. If you want to see a man's future, look at his friends of today-Bill Ayers etc.


No Obama didn't deserve the Noble Peace Prize but make no mistake Miley Cyrus didn't either. She haven't change or touch people lives in anyway except for jump around on the stage yelling the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. I don't see that little girl or her father contributing to anything.


Well deserved? For WHAT? The nomination deadline is February 1st. He was in office less than 15 days. He didn't have time to do anything. Are they giving awards for pillow talk now?


Yes..yes..dear hotindia...lets pretend that science and society around the world and nobel prize committee don't exist and we need to feed our knowledge watching fox news and dancing with stars....yeah....


Congrats Obama!


well deserved!


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