Balloon Boy Throws Up on Today Show; PR Hoax May Make Colorado Taxpayers Do the Same

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Falcon Heene, who gained instant notoriety and a misnomer of a nickname (Balloon Boy) yesterday, is thankfully safe and sound, having never drifted away in his father's homemade helium craft as was originally believed.

But the six-year-old Colorado boy does have the flu.

As his family did the morning show circuit on Friday, Today viewers saw Balloon Boy throw up on camera as his siblings and mother recoiled in abject terror.

Easily an 8.5 on the unintentional comedy scale.

What's considerably less funny is the increasing suspicion that the incident, which captivated the nation and resulted in millions of dollars prematurely spent trying to rescue Falcon Heene on the fly, may have all been a hoax.

Balloon Boy

Richard Heene cradles one ill Balloon Boy.

Father Richard Heene tried to deny this on Today, saying he has nothing to gain from it. But as the man spoke, offering no clear answers to why Falcon himself seemingly confimed the hoax on CNN last night, his son barfed.

The cost to Colorado taxpayers is that sickening.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Department will conduct an investigation into the getaway balloon caper. They have not decided if it's a criminal investigation.

One reason for suspicion? Falcon Heene and family were on ABC's Wife Swap last spring, and have pitched reality shows to multiple networks since. Fishy.

Here's Falcon Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, and his family addressing the subject on the Today show. The vomiting takes place around the six-minute mark ...


he probably threw up out of fear because of his controlling women hating Jerk of a father
I feel so sorry for the wife and kids
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this guy is def lying, and it look like he got so embrassed when his son threw up, if that was my kid, i would have said, thats it, not more,my son is sick


i really hope thye stop showing their faces now, so they dont feel like they have 15 minutes of fame for something so stupid


it was on over here in australia here too, and we were all worried... about half hour later they got the ballon down and boy wasnt in it, i was happy about that, then my thoughts went to the parents, they must have been relived, but i thought straight away that they were trying to get money out of this somehow


like i said in the other articale about this, i think the family should be footing the bill, not the tax payers


another sick family using their kid(s) to get more money and get their face in the headlines


my grandma, mom, and aunts were all worried about this boy they didn't even know for hours because they thought he was dead and now it's just a way to get famous? how low do some people go?


this is a pretty sick stunt




Richard Heene: My son has just flown away in a homemade flying saucer! There’s a million volts of electricity in it and there’s also a small nuclear warhead attached! OMG! Dispatcher: OK sir. We’ll notify all the proper authorities. Try to remain calm. Please stay on the line. Richard Heene: Remain calm, are you kidding? I’m contacting “Inside Edition�, “Access Hollywood�, “Extra�, “Entertainment Tonight’, “Showbiz Tonight� … do you know if Rona Barrett is still alive?

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