Allison Iraheta Previews Debuts Single, Dishes on Dream Duet

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While Kris Allen and Adam Lambert share the month of November (their debuts albums will be released on November 17 and 24, respectively), Allison Iraheta has December all to herself.

Fans of the popular American Idol singer should circle December 1 on their calendar, as Iraheta comes out with her first CD that day.

In a new interview, the rocker dishes on her debut single, "Friday I'll Be Over U," which you can listen to below:

On creating the song: I worked with Max Martin, and he pulled it out of his magic box. He came up with an awesome song and sent I to me and we cut it and it was just amazing. He definitely knows how to put himself in other people's shoes.

Rockin Idol

On goal for the song: Pretty much show who I really am as an artist, and what I really want to continue doing for the rest of my life, which is this. Just really do awesome music for the rest of my life.

On her dream collaboration: I keep saying this, and I'm always going to say it until it happens... working with Pink, my friend. That would be amazing. Her music altogether inspires me. I look up to her.



I think so. That's so kewl that you got to meet them and get everyone's augrtoaph. I went to the last year on my birthday and David Cook came over and said Happy Birthday and held my hand for abut 10 seconds and said hi to my mom and my 2 friends who came with me. American Idol Concerts are THE BEST!




I am so excited for Allison. She was fantastic on American Idol and I hope she kicks ass with her new release.


I Love Allison voice. She has an amazing voice. I have confident that she will have a huge career. Good Luck to you Allison. Love you!!!!.


As much as I prefer talented music(mostly Rock), and Allison does have amazing vocals--but were not truly given to us in this song--, I LOVE THIS SONG. I also enjoy and sometimes love some pop, hip-hop/r&b, etc, but, this song has a heavier sound than Avrils, Kates, etc., SO I TRULY LOVE THIS SONG. Allison freaking rocks. And, shes growing, so she will deliver real deal music(her own)in coming CD's. PLEASE, CALL ALL YOUR RADIO STATIONS AND REQUEST THIS SONG, "FRIDAY I'LL BE OVER U." Allison commeths.


i loved allison on idol


Spike - I am sure it is just the photo goof. Allison has a lot of talent and lots of years to explore it.


Catchy. I could see it climbing. A little over produced for my taste. I would rather hear Allison's voice more clearly but I can bet the kids will love it! Allison has a great voice and I hope they don't just make her a kids artist. She has a rocker voice and I would really like to hear her doing some solid rock songs not just pop.


Man, she has hair on her chest.....WTF


She is incredible. Adam said she was gifted and she is. Her cd coming out in December will have somethng for everyone. I have children and we will all listen to her music. This is music for the masses. Go Rock Goddess.

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