Allison Iraheta Album Art: Revealed!

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Susan Boyle. Kris Allen. Adam Lambert.

Chances are, you've heard a lot about the debut albums from these highly-publicized artists. And for good reason. We're certainly excited about them.

Allison Iraheta Performance Photo

But Allison Iraheta went largely unnoticed during her run on American Idol, and we fear the same thing may happen to her upcoming CD.

Titled "Just Like You," the album will be released on December 1. If the first single off it, "Friday I'll Be Over U," is any indication, we may have the next Kelly Clarkson on our hands. Seriously!

Check out Iraheta's CD cover art below and let us know: Will you purchase this album?


I can wait to buy her album. I already pre ordered it. I am so anxious to get it. I know Allison has AMAZING VOICE.


Allison rocks out! I'm not much of a pop music fan but pop sells well and Allison needs to expand her fan base. I think this song will definitely do that. Some people really like Max Martin music and he has a lot of huge hits on the radio. I've played Friday I'll be over U over and over from her web site and it really grew on me fast. When I heard it the first time I didn't expect to like it because I don't listen to pop. I'm definitely buying it when it becomes available. It will certainly go platinum. The way Allison delivers the vocals is classic Allison. She always delivers the right emotional treatment for the song no matter what she is singing. The song has a real message many can connect with. I'm buying the CD to get the harder music I know I'll love. The song titles leaked are intriguing.


I have already pre-ordered her album and downloaded FIBOU single that mysteriously disappeared off of itunes and amazon until November 5, 2009. She is going to be a rock star. All the producers, songwriters, and fans know it. She has not had the publicity Adam and Kris have. Even when she turns 18 in less than 6 months, I hope she does not do the soft porn Adam did. I have bought his albums too. She is a superstar just as Adam is. She does not get out and market herself as he does. Adam leaks most of the news on twitter. Allison will be fine when here music comes out classic rock and some songs she helped write are on her album. Love her.


If I would buy her Album? Lol I already pre-ordered it.. Can't wait to put my hands on it. Love her!!


HOTTTTTTTTTTT COVER !!! Trust me, SHE WON'T GO UNNOTICED. Once her song hits the radio, I smell STARDOM on the way.


I am absolutely giong to buy Allison Iraheta's record. She has such a unique and emotive voice, it's incredible. I am so excited for her album. I expect it to rock!


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