Alicja Bachleda Welcomes Colin Farrell Love Child!

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It’s a boy for Colin Farrell! Again!

The actor and his girlfriend, actress Alicja Bachleda, welcomed their son Henry Tadeusz Farrell back on October 7. This is the couple's first child together.

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Farrell confirmed he got Alicja Bachleda pregnant at the Toronto Film Festival in September. He has a 6-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave.

The Irish star, 33, and the Polish actress, 26, began dating earlier this year after meeting while filming Ondine. That's gonna be a good-looking baby!

Alicja Bachleda and Colin Farrell are parents for the first time (together)!

Confirming the pregnancy in September, Farrell said he was looking forward to "everything" about parenthood. "I take it as it comes. Even changing diapers."

Congratulations to the new parents!


Colin, you are man of small stature... i am not talking about your high...
sorry dude... u r LUCKY to father a child with her.


Misty, thank you so much for tienllg us about Sanni and Colin. I know both of them and I'm worried for both. I will keep them in my thoughts... I know Barb a little.


Thank you! We are hronoed to have you, None E. Moose, as the first entry!We are not sure how many words Colin Farrell's penis is, but our team is hard at work finding the answer.


colin is a cabron for leaving her. She loved him alot and wanted to marry him....he's just another heartbreaking cabron player in hollywood like george clooney...


can anyone delete the first comment as the text in polish written by the guy is too insulting for Alicja;s name. Im not a fan of Alicja butt reading such a text makes me vomit.. only polish ppl can throw such a shit at each other! irena


She's not good actor. She wasnt know in polish before she met collin. She's in poland like a pice of crap.
i kurw aniech sobie nie mysli ze jak daje dupy amerykanowi to juz kura taka gwiazda pizda jebana


She is intelligent,very beutiful polish lady.Her family is very honorable and rich in Poland.I wish them all the best


She is well known in Poland. Collin is a lucky guy:)


she's from Poland and she's very famous .She's great actress and beautiful woman. Withal alicja is good person,she's honorable, lowly and nice. Collin is very lucky :)


Pregnant in just two or three months after she met him....she is pretty but quite stupid...who is this girl? none knows her...she just wants to come to Hollywood...

@ use a condom

you are stupid, that's all... no lady gets pregnant because she want to come to Hollywood... you know nothing of life and giving life. shut up... and enjoy your "glamorous Hollywood" ...LOL

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