Whoopi Goldberg Slams Kate Gosselin Over Custody Dispute, Blowup

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Ever since Jon and Kate Gosselin split up, a slew of scandalous accusations have surfaced, no small amount of which portray Jonny Boy as a bit of a womanizer.

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    They both suck, but if I had to choose I'd say John


    good for u whoopie how do we know that kate is so pure that she hasn't been involved with someone just because she says so don't make it so. is she the only one to make decisions for his children too. oh i forgot she is the smart one here she sure won't find anyone else that done as much as jon she sure kept him going thought he was a good father and showed lot more love for the kids than she did she couldn't stand to see him playing with them it doesn't make him inmature to play with them give them the attention. proud of you jonboy you have earned your freedom from that boss


    I watched the show where Whoopi was blasting away at Kate and she was completely out of line. She wouldn't even let Kate finish a single answer without interrrupting her. So what, if Jon doesn't want to be with the kids and go play around then why can't Kate take care of her own kids instead of a babysitter. Jon is just being an as_. Kate admitted she shouldn't have done it but she had a feeling that this was the babysitter Jon was known to be messing with so of course any mother would be concerned. As it turns out Kate was right and this was the woman Jon had been messing around with WHILE the children were home. What a rotten father this man is!


    I agree that Whoopi is just being ignorant with Kate, she had no business accusing Kate of anything until she really knows the whole story, and that should come from Kate and Jon themselves, nobody else. Smarten up Whoopi, thought you had more class than that?? Will write you off my list as my favorite person from now on!!!!!!!!!!


    We tend to forget that the participants in reality shows have private lives that we really have no business interfering in. We are so used to seeing Kate interacting with her family on our TVs that we feel everything she does in life is our business too. In reality, how much about her private life do we or should we know?
    Whoopi was rude and she overstepped her bounds. Would she have asked a different guest such a private question? I really don't think so. Kate handled the situation with grace, good for her.

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