Tyra Banks' Real Hair: Revealed!

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Tyra Banks is going back to her roots and turning over a new leaf. Literally in the case of the former, and as a figure of speech when it comes to the latter.

On today's season premiere of The Tyra Show, the talk show host's fifth, the supermodel took the stage with a new hairstyle. That being her real hair.

That's right. Real hair. No wigs, no extensions. No bull.

Tyra Banks' real hair was on display for all to see as her long tresses were styled on camera. She interviewed women who have insecurities about natural hair.

The girlfriend of John Utendahl said she wants to generate maximum attention redefine beauty and help women appreciate who they are, inside and out.

Tyra's show is moving from syndication to the CW, airing weekdays at 4 p.m. Her reality show, America's Next Top Model, begins its 13th cycle tomorrow.

ET has a clip of Tyra Banks' real hair. Peep it below ...


Well said, Adrienne! I certainly have no philosophical problem with women with naturally kinky hair wearing it straight via relaxers, but if you're trumpeting about going natural then let it be natural. I'm Puerto Rican and still carry some painful memories of kids in school kidding me about my hair with I was little. I relaxed it the minute my mother decided I was old enough to do so, but like Adrienne said those chemicals really beat the crap out of one's hair. It took me a long time to be happy with my natural hair and let it be what it wants to be. Tight kinky curls is a dominant trait and if you have even some African heritage your curl is gonna want to curl. I've no doubt Tyra's hair wasn't nattty in that clip. It seems she's still not comfortable with her hair in it's natural form.


She looks great anyway


Tyra's hair is natural, just like her boobs are natural! Her hair is still altered by chemicals (straighten with relaxers, possibly colored). That's not natural--she wasn't born with straight hair! What a disappointment! And to come out there with it wet… what's the point of that? To further hide that her kinky/curly hair has been relaxed? I was hoping to see Tyra with the natural hair she was born with. Black women subject their hair to so much trauma with the relaxers and heat—not to mention the time and money spent on getting it straight. Black women need to be proud of the hair that God has given them. It doesn’t have to be relaxed to be considered beautiful. It would have been nice to see her truly natural. It’s kind of like she’s still deceiving her audience.


you go girl . that the one . show what you can do .


Well that was kind of anti climactic.

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