Tyra Banks' Real Hair: Revealed!

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Tyra Banks is going back to her roots and turning over a new leaf. Literally in the case of the former, and as a figure of speech when it comes to the latter.

On today's season premiere of The Tyra Show, the talk show host's fifth, the supermodel took the stage with a new hairstyle. That being her real hair.

That's right. Real hair. No wigs, no extensions. No bull.

Tyra Banks' real hair was on display for all to see as her long tresses were styled on camera. She interviewed women who have insecurities about natural hair.

The girlfriend of John Utendahl said she wants to generate maximum attention redefine beauty and help women appreciate who they are, inside and out.

Tyra's show is moving from syndication to the CW, airing weekdays at 4 p.m. Her reality show, America's Next Top Model, begins its 13th cycle tomorrow.

ET has a clip of Tyra Banks' real hair. Peep it below ...


I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of natural and relaxed hair; it isn't even that serious yet people are making a big deal. I don't get how wearing relaxed hair means your less black than the next woman. I also don't get how people say "we weren't born with straight hair" yet those who dye their hair, get tattoos, or wear make up weren't born with that either. Pretty much it just gives black people a reason to hate on each other more than we already do; why does their always have to be a problem in our community. Dark skin vs. light skin, acting "white" and plenty of stupid s*it like that. Natural hair is difficult for some but not for others, my natural hair wasn't that hard to do while those like my niece it is difficult. Someone with natural hair will spend as much money than someone with relaxed hair. Conditioners, shampoos, hair lotions, etc. It all adds up.


Hi Tyra, just wanted to let you know that your real hair is beautiful. I also wear my hair very natural texture and all. I do rock a Pam Grier fro and I do get crazy compliment from men, women, black and white. Thanks.


The point is that she had no weave or anything. Tyra wanted to show people to be proud of themselves, whoever they are.
Would you come out to face fans with dripping wet hair and hardly any make-up on?
(BTW: The make-up wasn't as high-quality as it was)


i luv ur hair and its very long to say you were fake hair (it's just a comment) dnt take personal


want to know more about Tyra Banks program, America's Next Top Model.


Really women? Mad about the perm? has your hair never been uncolored, texturized? "Natural" hair, whether permed or not still grows straight from the roots. even natural hair needs some kind of chemical or oils to keep it from being dry and tangled. You guys are just made that Tyra's hair was not all jacked up and short and damaged from all those weaves. ha!


Oh shut up people! Whats worng with people these days. You all know exactly what she meant by "natural"--the horse or dead human is eliminated! Women only use relaxers to make dealing with their hair easier not always to cover what God gave them. If you're a full-time mother and worker and wife like me, relaxers (although so harmful) are greatly appreciated because I enjoy getting up in the morning, unwrapping my hair, and it falls into place---and thats the end of it. And certain people don't even have to go that often, I get a relaxer every 8 weeks maybe! I have a natural do-its just spruced up a bit! :)


Maybe Tyra should have picked a better choice of words instead of saying natural maybe she should have said real! But the fact still remains the same it is her real hair, she was born with it so it is hers!!!!!!! Even though it maybe relaxed it doesn't matter it still is hers!


oh yes i truly agree with adrienne and annabella thats not how her hair naturally is , so i dont understand how that can be considered natural and nikki yes your right it is hard to manage that type of hair BUT the whole point about it that is being missed is NATURAL HAIR and that definately is not natural hair


Tyra talked about her real hair, not natural hair. And that is her hair strand by strand. And it is beautiful, gorgeous and it is hers which is why so many people are angry, furious. Now she's a phony cause she has a perm? Pleassssssssssse.. Well if she is a phony for wearing a chemical, then so are 98% of all women of all colors and cultures in this great country of ours. That is her choice. But the fact that the hair is growing out of the roots of her scalp makes it "her" hair. How she chooses to wear it is her business.

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