Tyra Banks: Not Engaged to John Utendahl

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Despite rumors sparked by her walking around with some serious bling, Tyra Banks says she doesn't plan on walking down an aisle or saying "I Do" anytime soon.

Rumors surfaced that the talk show host was engaged to John Utendahl, her longtime beau, after she was seen with a huge ring on her ring finger this weekend.

But Banks set the record straight on Twitter.

"Hearing about crazy rumors that I'm engaged. Well, I'm not," she posted. "The 'RING' is my high school class ring. It's 10k gold, and has zero diamonds. Ha!"

Ha! She's still annoying. And check out the outfit she's wearing below. This from a woman who hosts a show called America's Next Top Model. WTF is this:

Ridiculous Tyra Banks Fashion

The new season of America's Next Top Model premieres a week from tonight. Hopefully that's enough time for Tyra Banks to buy a new wardrobe. Goodness, girlfriend.

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Why can't you find your own show so that people can love you and stop saying that tyra is annoying,tyra is thebest of all and her shows changes many lives of people.Ilove your show TYRAand keep doing what you are doing.Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


I see that ur a Hater...as my fellow sis said....get over urself.


Who the hell are you and why should we care that you think Tyra is annoying?? She's cool as hell and is not afraid to be herself and help others become truer versions of themselves. You're famous because of famous people so get over yourself.


Aw I love Tyra Banks! She may annoy you but i think its great to see someone famous that actually shows their personality! ANTM is gonna be great, can't wait!