Twilight Saga Screenwriter: Leave Robsten Alone!

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Is Kristen Stewart pregnant?!?

Are she and Robert Pattinson engaged?!?

Over the past few months, celebrity gossip magazines have exhausted every conceivable story about this rumored couple, so much so that Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has a message for tabloids and fans:

Leave Robsten alone!

"Their chemistry on film is so extraordinary," Rosenberg told E! News. "They were beautifully cast for those roles and their chemistry is amazing. I think people often confuse chemistry onscreen with chemistry offscreen.

"I think people should just enjoy what's onscreen and leave their privates lives wherever they are. I don't actually know what they are." 

R. Patt Photo
Pic of Kristen Stewart

Just watch Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on screen? Someone is not familiar with today's gossip culture. [Photos:]

Following her own advice, Rosenberg changed topics and spoke on New Moon itself.

She said: "There's a lot of things that go on in New Moon that expand on the book. The conflict at the end with the Volturi is an example. Building on them is going to be really intriguing for the fans."

The second Twilight Saga film will be released on November 20. Get ready to scream, fans: that's less than two months from today!


they should be happy so many people are interested in them. They dont have to beg for attention like everyone else


tbh just leave them alone tbh it's just childish it aint fair on them!!!


they are really cute together but i agree with them, being stalked by paparazzi is not really a good thing


In belgium the movie comes out november 18th ^^ They should leave them alone. Robsten have no life at all anymore. PAPARAZZI SUCKS!


lot about you


i think that people should leave robert and kirsten alone i mean i love roberts acting but i dont obsess over ever thing he duse so people should just grow and get on with there lives and let robert and kirsten get on with theres it would make robert and kirstens life easer if poeple just left them alone form kirsty lawler in edinburghxx


Stewart is a moody looking stoner.
Rob is in love and obviously a sweetheart.
Answer to their conundrum: retire after the movies and move to Siberia and your oh-so-important lives will disappear.
Can they handle the fame?
Oh, boo hooo hooo for them!
Let them wait tables or pay for a fricking education and worry about the mortgage.


im jus a fan to support em bt never ruin sum1's career 4da luxury ova sum1 jealousy let'em live there life on and off screen


One thing is to be a fan and show them how much you like their work with sites, orkut, going to premiers and screaming for their names. Another is to ruin their privacy and start rumors about their lives just to make money out of it.
It´s not just because they love their jobs that they have to handle these kind of stuff. My sister is a teacher and LOVES her job. And what´s more incredible, she can have a life. Having a dream job does NOT equal having to accept rudeness from people.


Kristen always looks like she's high in all of the pictures that she takes.

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