The Jonas Brothers in Concert: Destroying Drums, Flipping for Fans

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When you look like The Jonas Brothers, you can pretty much do whatever you'd like.

During their summer tour, the talented trio has delighted fans with hits such as "Lovebug" and "Much Better," but it's their on-stage antics that have fans going wild.

Earlier this week, for example, Nick and Joe took out their aggression on an innocent set of drums. Listen to the screams of girls in attendance as the brothers violently bang away. Then again, they may just be reacting to the sight of Joe in a tanktop...

We wonder what has Nick Jonas so worked up? Perhaps the flip-flopping of a certain female Disney singer that appears to be playing multiple guys off one another?

Last month in Boston, meanwhile, the brothers jumped around on a trampoline. It's a stunt they've pulled at most tour stops over the past few weeks. It's unclear why.

Watch the video after the jump and then vote on your favorite Jonas brother.

[video url="" title="Flipping for Fans"] [/video]

Who is your favorite Jonas brother?


Why do they feel the need to destroy those drums it was not necessary funny but not necessary!
Love you Jobros


haha, awww JB keep rocking and being awesome! THG wtheck?? why are you comparing the Jb brothers together? being together makes them the Jonas Brtohers, if they were solo artists it wouldnt be the the same
Nicks good as joe's good as kevin People dont do those dumb qizzes, if a JB member saw them and they were one of the least fave, it would hurt. btw KEVIN you Rock in concert congrats with dani!, NICK love your solo songs so sweet, Joe way to be your hilarious self


Hey joe i llllllloooooovvvveeeeee u vry much n i


Haha well at least they're making their shows a bit more lively, it gets a little boring when people just stand, sing and play the giutar.


omg the killing the drum set is soo funny and the jumping is just random lol :D :D


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