Tabloid: Tori Spelling is Dean McDermott's Ticket to "Money and Fame"

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On Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott appear to have the ideal marriage.

But, you absolutely won't believe this, the show may not depict reality. At least not according to Michael Olifiers, an actor that has worked with McDermott for years.

"There is no question Dean is with Tori for the money and the fame," he tells Star in the tabloid's latest issue. "Dean's always been desperate to become famous. He craved being in the spotlight and Tori's his ticket to that life."

Note to Dean: No, she really isn't. No one knows who you are.

Because Aaron Spelling didn't leave his daughter much money in his will, Olifiers says the couple earns a living these days from "exploiting their relationship. They do everything and anything to make money from their fame."

Gee, what could the actor possibly be referring to?!?

In closing, McDermott's so-called friend claims his pal is even grossed out by Spelling, stating years ago: "I can't believe I have to kiss her. She looks like a horse!"

To make matters worse, Donna Martin and David Silver are going through tough times on 90210. Tori can't even get her fake marriage to work out!


I think that its really no one's business whats going on in their lives, and that if you're that worried about their lives than ya'll need to get something better to do! I watch their show every season, and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. My fiance loves me more than life, and he tells me that all the time, more tahn Dean even says to Tori. So does that mean ots all fake because he tells me that much?? Seriously, that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I love Tori Spelling, I think she's a great actress, and I think that she is beautiful. People just need to chill and mind they own. Sue, I uggest if you don't like Tori and Dean and you think she's ugly THAN STOP POSTING ABOUT HER AND ADDING TO HER POPULARITY.


Wow Sara, you sound as intelligent as Tori! As a college educated happily married, mother of 3, I can asure you that there is not one iota of Tori Spelling's life that I would want or be jealous of. A man who cheats once, will cheat again, that is a fact! A man does not look to add children to his family if he wants out of a marriage-don't have to know Dean or have been there to know that either-it is common sense-to the well educated! Also, if you read his ex-wife's side of the story you would know there was no hint of marital problems before he slept with Tori whore. You don't know them either..their reality show is the farthest thing from reality..they did not own that bed and breakfast as portrayed on the show, they rented it to film the show and were only there a few times to film!! couples that have to constantly re-affirm their love with PDA usually have a lot to hide.


If Dean was doing this for publicity, there are a million celebrities he could have married. And SUE, who cares if they're constantly professing their love? Why does it bother you? They're in love and want to show it. You're just a cold hearted, jealous bitch who wishes she had what Tori had. And that's great to know that you think Dean was so in love w/his ex-wife. Were you there? Do you know Dean firsthand? Did yo talk to his wife? It's so funny how people come on here and try to act like they know celebrities on a personal level. And CINDY, Tori does not look like a horse. I'd like to see what your stupid ass looks like. I bet you're some fat, ugly, 500 pound woman behind the computer. You fucking low life.


sorry folks, its tabloid crap to sell the paper!!


Any couple who has to constantly profess their love for each other on tv, in magazines or with tatoos has serious insecurity issues with ther relationship. People in healthy relationships who meet and fall in love the right way without the scandal of an affair, do not behave like Tori and Dean. Dean is constantly telling Tori how beautiful she is and how much he loves her to convince her (and himself) that it is true. Dean was totally in love with his ex-wife when he adopted a baby a mere 3 weeks before he met Tori. Tori was his ticket to fame or tabloid fodder, which is Tori's definition of fame.


It is totally true! I could see how he could have said she looks like a horse , because she does! No one had ever heard of him in the U.S.! but what he did not realize is no one cares about Tori Spelling! They are both such media whores that it is ridiculuous...way too much exposure for these no talents!!!!


This is silly. Who knows the real truth about their marriage? Only they do. If they truly are money hungry then I pity them. Mainly because they should take a look at how many others in this world have soooo much less than they do. If this story is false, then shame on the magazine for trying to make money.


Crap, crap, crap crap crap crap. Who's gonna buy that.


Tori warned fans on her twitter page this was coming. Didn't know it would be front page tho damn.

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