Susan Boyle: Coming to America's Got Talent

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The show is called America's Got Talent.

But it will soon feature a Scottish sensation!

Indeed, Susan Boyle is set to perform on the September 16 season finale of this popular reality competition, as the second place finisher on Britain's Got Talent sings for the first time on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hi, Susan!

Boyle's appearance on the program marks a break from her time in the recording studio, where she's busy crafting her first album.

It will be released on November 24, the same day as Adam Lambert's debut CD. Which singer do you think will sell more copies?


I had taped" America's Got Talent when Susan Boyle was on, because I was going to be out of town. I just watched it tonight, and I was awe struck again. I saw her the first time on "Londons got Talent" That was wonderful. I hope Susan realizes what a wonderful voice she has and that now she is totally in the public eye, and must act accordingly. She has such talent. I am so happy for her and her family. We love you.


At this time, no one can pre-order Adam's CD. It's not yet available for pre-order.


Susan Boyle's cd, of course, along with millions of other fans. Tens of thousands have already pre-ordered on Amazon. She's currently #6 on Amazon Bestsellers despite the release of all those re-mastered Beatles albums yesterday. Susan's pre-orders are outselling the releases of Whitney Houston, Jay Z and Willie Nelson. Adam Lambert is a good performer but at the moment, his pre-orders are somewhere down in the weeds.


Who is Susan Boyle?


The only cd I will be buying will be Adam Lambert's. I am only moved to buy about one cd/year and this year Adam is it. I am counting down the days until this release. I think Adam will definitely sell more copies in the US/Canada.


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