Stephanie Santoro: Jon Gosselin Had Sex with Me Nine Times While Kids Slept

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It was only a matter of time. Stephanie Santoro, former Jon Gosselin nanny and alleged play thing, has opened up to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.

Her allegation? That she and America's favorite estranged husband bachelor had sex nine times (not that she's counting). What a player this guy is.

Not surprisingly, the King of Pimps "wasn't terrible," but, by the same token, "it wasn't the best I ever had." Oh, quit downplaying it, Stephanie Santoro.

The whole thing started when Jon called her and asked for a massage. Anyone who's been to a Chinatown massage parlor knows what that's code for.

She obliged, obviously, because it is useless to try to resist Jon Gosselin, and the two ended up in his hot tub, where he uttered the following line:

[Drum roll, please, this one is an all-timer]

"Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me ... because it's going to be impossible for me not to fall in love with you."

Try to hurl into a paper bag, or at leas aim away from the keyboard.

Kate's divorce lawyers are gonna have a field day with this one.

After the hot tub session, the dutiful dad "ran in to make sure all of the kids were asleep, and we went back into the apartment that is over the garage."

You know what happened after that. They had sex while his kids slept. She was photographed leaving the next day, so this is probably at least partially true.

These revelations come a day after Marci Santoro, Stephanie's mother, told Radar Online that an unstable Jon threatened to kill himself (he denies that).

Marci also told Radar that none other than Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend and everlasting "soul mate," found out about Stephanie Santoro.

Jon's plan of action? Ask Stephanie to lie for him to save his relationship with Hailey. Hey, why not keep the revolving door of loose women open, right?

Says Marci: “He asked her if she would call Hailey Glassman, calm her down and tell her they never had a relationship, that they never did anything."

"He told Stephanie that he cared for Hailey, but didn’t see her as a person he wanted to spend his life with. He didn’t see her as a mother figure for the children, but said he couldn’t end it now because there was too much stuff."

What that "stuff" is remains to be seen. We're guessing he means "tail."

Stephanie Santoro in In Touch

Stephanie Santoro is definitely up to Jon's mediocre standards.


I was raised that if you can't say anything nice about someone,don't say anything at all,SOOOO,I'll not say anything about Jon or Kate Gosselin,Haley Glassman go back to school.Stephanie Santoro--Sorry can't say anything about you!!!!!


Cheating is the biggest spreader of Sexually Transmitted Diseases after dishonesty(denying or concealing infection).


I cant stand Kate Gosselin the way she treated Jon all along but I will agree Jon is going a little over the top.After all, Kate will always be the mother of his 8 kids,even though she is a Bitch!!!!!!!


That girl is laughing all the way to the bank.


Kate seems insane to me. She is obviously more interested in her personal life and fame much more than her 8 FREAKING KIDS!!! She should be at home in a mumu raising those kids, not galavanting all over town getting plastic surgery and spending what could be their college money. Of course John is a waste of oxygen too but we all knew that from day 1. Kate is the one who tries to act like the parent... my guess is so that she can keep on getting paychecks. Maybe she isn't dumb, just immoral, immature and trashy.


If it was that bad why lay there 9 times. That just doesn't make sense unless he dumped you and you're upset. Now you want to tell the whole world that he's bad. He could probably say the same thing about you. That he's had better by the way he did - his young girlfriend. Get over it and move on. You are not all that!


I am not surprised that the magazine felt this story deserved the large cover picture as opposed to patrick swayze's death....
just disappointed once again by society that they are more interested in this stupid couple with a bunch of kids....seriously, do people have nothing better to do with their time than worry about this overweight middle aged loser and his skanks??
glad i am not living in the country, otherwise i would have to endure the television and radio coverage of this stupidity as well.


It doesn't surprise me this dude is having a mid life crisis what is surprising is he would do it while the kids are sleeping and it doesn't say much about the nanny that she would partake in this bad behavior with the kids right next door kate is starting to look more and more like mother teresa the kids should go to court and have jon exponged from their life he is doing all this because he did not want to be married anymore I guess he won't be winning father of the year


I don't believe her. I am sure she got money for her story
and she would have to hate kate to want to say these things anyway. John is a saint to stay with kate as long as he did.
The woman can go from normal to crazy in seconds.


Once again the boy shows his true colors. I believe it, I think he would do his own mother. He is the skankiest of skanks. And that line LOLOLOLOLOLOL He really thinks he is all of that. He should look in the mirror, he is fat, had those nasty man boobs and he just isn't the least bit pretty. Kate is so lucky to be rid of him, too bad she can't get him out of his kids' lives. They deserve better.

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