Source: Jennifer Aniston is "Fragile," Bursts Into Tears Thinking of Brad Pitt

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She's obviously gonna die alone.

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    Of course it's not true because she never cried for Brad anyway!! Her so called depression and sadness in the begining of the end was all for show!! Just to convince the puplic that she did no wrong and has no part in destroying that marrige!! That's all she cared about!! But when she realized that this strategy is is NOT working and Brad and Angelina is getting much more respect personally and profecionaly than her she tries to cutch the puplics attention with her multiple back to back and of and on relationships with guys with the worst reputation in holywood (Vaghn, Mayer, Scullfor) to show that she's moved on!! She has slept with much more men than Angie has ever slept in her life but Angie is the one to be called names! Some act like Jen was a virgin before Brad!! LMAO!!! The real "whore" in this story is Jen. Because she is the one who is selling her personals to prove a point or plant a fake image!!


    i love her she's great people need to let it go


    leave her alone everyone thinks she is still hanging on to hope for brad it's not


    I don't believe this bull that she was crying over Brad, but the ignorants who critize her and says "get over him already, he moved on" do not understand that she is not a whore like Angelina; she was married for the first time to a man she really loved, trusted and gave everything to him, for her it was only Brad, they were the most beautiful couple in Hollywood, unexpectedly he cheated, lied and left her for a worthless whore, If they can only imagine her pain, but they are too selfish, if they were in her place for sure they won't trust any man completely. She will find her soul mate, because she is beautiful, smart and has a body to die for.


    Jennifer is pathetic and after some of her "oh I never said that" comments, she's proven just what a bitch she truly is. If I were Angie, I don't think I could resist rubbing it in Jen's man-like face! Go Angie and do us all a favor and shut up Jen!


    Will this woman ever get over Brad? Thats what happens when you marry beneath you. No one will ever match up to Brad. She got real lucky and blew it with that big head of hers.... Someone wake me up when this woman's career is over.


    Why is it that every one is allways saying something about Jen. leave her alone. she does not behave like a hushy, or is that the reason every one is so interested in her life, women have the right to say they want babies, it's not a crime, also they have the right to say what they want. for every one that is so interested in her life. why do you not get your own life and see what you do of it. Jan is a great woman, smart intelegent and popular, what are all of you?


    I think it's true that she is fragile and sensible and she feels that way...even if she want this image of strong women.She is still alone no matter how many lovers...this is very sad.Angelina no matter how many kids will have will be for ever a bitch for what she did.Jen is a nice person and will always be.I just hope she will find her happiness again.


    Jen is amazing. She seems happy and at peace with herself. People will always talk.
    And Angelina was a bitch for what she did to her. Never liked her anyway. Stupid skinny duck in Armani.

    Jen will find love. On her own terms.


    i think she really need to forget about her and Brad, cause Brad Move on and she Didnt but it best for her, i wish her luck finding her SoulMate :)

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