Soulja Boy: Engaged to Rosa Acosta?

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Is rapper Soulja Boy about to crank dat? Dat being Rosa Acosta, his video model girlfriend and reported fiancee? They're rumored to be engaged. Hope it's true! reported that Soulja Boy (not to be erroneously spelled correctly as Soldier Boy) as popped the question to Rosa Acosta with a big ass ring.

The site claims Soulja Boy is trying to keep it quiet.

He seems to have already acknowledged it though.

On Soulja Boy's Twitter page, he posted a Tweet "lol" with the URL of the story. Perhaps that constitutes a denial. Or he finds his engagement really funny.

In any case, here's a picture of Soulja Boy's fiancee, with the rapper in all his glory, talking on a cellphone and being kissed by his lovely lady friend ...

Are Soulja Boy and Rosa Acosta engaged? Probably not. Are they a hot couple? Absolutely. Such chemistry. If they're not engaged yet, it's just a matter of time.


but he looks too young to settle down so she's prob knocked up


if they are engaged then congrats


HE IS NOT ENGAGED 2 HER..!!! UGH..!!!!!!!! but if so im happy 4 him.


Well he looks like he is really in to her in that pic. But what ever floats his boat


awwwww man i hope this guy fucks wit her she real sexedd like those stretching videos i saw wit her where real hectic

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