Samantha Ronson: Upcoming 90210 Guest Star

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We've written a whole lot about her, but we've never actually heard Samantha Ronson speak.

That will soon change, however, when the British DJ guest stars on an episode of 90210. According to, the D-lister will show up on the November 3 episode of this CW hit.

Here's a shot of her speaking to Navid (Michael Steger) on the show:

Ronson will appear inside a club during her camero. Ironically - given the nature of her relationship with Lindsay Lohan - she'll offer Navid advice concerning matters of the heart.

We're assuming her words of wisdom will have something to do with locking one's medicine cabinet and having 911 on speed dial.


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she's a dj not an actress


i don't get this show it's nothing like the original they need to stop remaking shows and get some original ideas


what is with that helmet hair of hers? She looks like zac efron, well, an ugly zac efron


She'd have to move up a few notches to be a "D" lister.


Samantha Ronson Biography

Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson Kissing
Samantha Ronson is a British DJ who dated Lindsay Lohan for a long time and who smokes a lot. This celeb frequents the L.A. club scene... More »
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Samantha Ronson

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She's great. She's also 22 years old. I think people forget that.

Samantha Ronson [on Lindsay Lohan]

Vote for Obama! Mainly because if [Sarah Palin] gets elected my green card probably won't get renewed!!!

Samantha Ronson