Ryan Seacrest Wants to Taser Heidi Montag; Spencer Pratt Responds in Statement

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Last week, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest joked on his radio show that if he could use a taser on one reality star, he would choose Heidi Montag.

Naturally, her husband-pimp Spencer Pratt took exception to the remark and issued a statement to generate some free publicity defend her honor.

"I'm disgusted and horrified that Ryan Seacrest would find it amusing and entertaining to have his listeners call in about tasing anyone," he said.

"What's next, guns and knives? Waterboarding? It is irresponsible and offensive for someone with your platform to promote violence on this level."

"For someone who produces reality content for a living, I'm shocked that you would encourage people to tase reality TV stars. Would it be funny to you if one of your Kardashians got tased? Is that how you would treat your talent, Ryan?"

Ryan Seacrest, of course, produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians, starring Khloe, Kourtney and Kim. Eh, we'd live if one or all got tasered.

Spencer the Pimp

Spencer Pratt is looking for a fight with Ryan Seacrest after a hilarious comment the American Idol host made. Heidi Montag could use a nice taser jolt, don'cha think?

Prior to his radio show, Seacrest Tweeted as a "funny topic" who you would most like to see tasered: Heidi Montag, Omarosa from The Apprentice, Tila Tequila (this was before Shawne Merriman choked her) and Daisy de la Hoya.

Not surprisingly, despite the formidable competition, Heidi won.

"Finding humor in violence is disgusting," Spencer Pratt added. "For someone who pretends to be mister clean-cut America, you should be ashamed. Any reasonable person knows that a taser isn't a Super Soaker and can cause immediate death."

Come on, Spencer. Brody Jenner was just fine the other night.

"I expect an apology not to just us, but to people everywhere for using your public voice to spread violence," Pratt concluded, his mission accomplished, similar to when he pretended to be offended by insults from Anderson Cooper.


i HATE spencer he pisses me off


He's just pissed because everyone chose her to taser. He attacks everyone then can't hack it when him and is dumbass wife are attacked. He claims that he doesn't care what people think than why the hell doesn't he just keep his fat lips shut and take it like a man. Oh, I forgot he's not a man, he's a weasel with a see-through beard.


spencer prat or fat or whatever really needs a job. he has too much time being in the middle of drama. hes such a bitch!


Ryan just said what everyone else was thinking, although I think he meant to taser Spencer Pratt. They have got to be the most annoying couple in Hollywood, who gave them the opportunity to be in Hollywood?? Their agents should quit and walk away, so should their bodyguards.


I love how everyone's picking on these two! haha! You can see they're not wanted in Hollywood. But just to make a statement, if Heidi was offended by Ryan's comment, couldn't she have actually made a comment herself? Instead of getting that slacker ass of a husband she has do it? Or is she too retarded? But then again, even retards would be offended if Heidi PRAT was considered one of them.


haha i was gonna call in a say hidi and spencer that day when it was on the air. i was shoked that they wernt the first choice when people started to call in haha. i think its great. they piss people off all the time. its about time they see how it feels.

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