Robert Pattinson: Risking It All For Love!

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New Moon spoiler alert:

In the upcoming sequel to Twilight, Edward Cullen runs away because his love for Bella Swan is simply too dangerous.

In real life, however, the exact opposite scenario is playing out for Cullen's portrayer, Robert Pattinson. His love for Kristen Stewart may be a major risk, but, like Meatloaf, the actor will do anything for it!

Like thumb his (hot!) nose at the movie studio, a source tells OK! in its latest issue.

“The producers took Rob and Kris aside and told them to keep their relationship under wraps for a few more months,” said an insider. “But they’re so much in love, they can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Of course they can't. Have producers seen Robert Pattinson?!? It's hard enough for us to keep our hands off our computer screen right now.

Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the Twilight Saga, is reportedly worried that a full-fledged Robsten romance will ruin the allure of the Jacob/Bella relationship in New Moon.

“They’re crazy about each other, and they want to shout it from the rooftops,” said a source on the Eclipse set, as the third film in the franchise is currently shooting in Vancouver. “But they’re also part of this massive machine called Twilight and producers have this thing timed with scientific precision. They don’t want Rob and Kristen to tell the world about their relationship until the time is right.”

Good luck getting Robert on board with that, however! The actor is too smitten with his co-star to keep his feelings under wraps, the same source adds.

“Rob’s whole world is Kristen. I’m surprised he even knows his lines because he’s so absorbed with her. He has no time whatsoever for his guy friends and has cut virtually everyone off so he can spend every waking moment with Kristen. He’s all about his woman.”

Makes sense. After all, according to the tabloid pictured above, Pattinson and Stewart are engaged. Wouldn't you choose your future wife over work?


Okay... Well this "source" sure knows a lot! A lot of BS, if you ask me!


Wether or not Rob and Kristen are a couple (I say not) shouldn't matter to the franchise. They are both ACTORS people. The films are jobs. Not there lives. Get it straight!


hehe i kindof believed some of it until it said about their engagement. hehe


First of all, if Summit for one minute thinks that people won't want to see these movies unless they sell this Jacob /Bella thing than they really should have spent some time reading the whole series! The TRUE love is between Edward & Bella. (Duh) Get it straight. I think they are just worried that if their in a relationship and it ends badly that it puts the filming of Breaking Dawn in jeopardy. That is a fair concern for them I guess.
Second, OK magazine isn't the best source.Keep that in perspective! If they are in love and I say they are "So What" they have that right.
God Bless Robsten!


Ok this is coming from the same magazine that Rob and Kristen engaged on the front cover last week. However when you read the actual article it said something completely different. After last week I personally don't believe a word this magazine says.
I think you'll find these two are not engaged it's their characters which would be more realistic. Secondly Rob's not daft enough to risk his career and neither is Kristen. The whole thing sounds a bit ridiculous. Thirdly I think the main reason why they're not saying anything is because they are sick to death of the constant gossip and media speculation surrounding them. The fact they're constantly hiding in their hotel rooms to escape the media says it all. The truth is noone has a clue what is going on with these two and this 'source' could be anyone. I suggest people leave these two alone to get on with their lives. If they're together then good for them but give them space.


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